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Dec 3, 2013 03:12 PM

King Tsin - Under New Management [Berkeley]

It just reopenned after being closed for a couple of weeks for a remodel. From the signs, the menu and staff are completely new. Anyone checked it out yet? My understanding is the Grand Opening was on 11/30/13.

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  1. haven't been inside yet but the signs said -

    "[a]uthentic Beijing and Hunan dishes by Master Chefs from Beijing." 30% off special menu until 12/6

    King Tsin
    1699 Solano Ave
    Berkeley, CA

    1. I went in for lunch and had a reasonable (if a little skimpy) pan fried noodles with seafood. The lunch plates were about the same dishes that you find elsewhere. As with China Village, prices have increased so the lunch plates are between $8.00 and $9.00.

      I wish I remembered that the special menu is 30% off now, because there were some interesting items including braised pork shoulder.

      The regular menu is far more varied than before, with what I guess are the Hunan dishes. Dim sum is ordered off the menu, no more NCR forms and little pencils.

      The remodeled space is painted slate, like CV, very pleasant.

      1. I used to go here all the time circa 2004. My favorite dish was the shredded chicken with green bean sheets. It was very mustardy

        1. I've gone twice now to check it out. It seems to me that the regular menu is really trying to go in direct competition with CV. I ordered the spicy garlic sliced pork belly and the spicy beef stew with flat rice noodle soup. Both were excellent, sizeable portions. Prices are a bit higher, but the quality and variety of dishes are much improved in my opinion.

          I also ordered from the lunch menu and the offerings are pretty standard as ernie pointed out, but I actually thought the portions were pretty good. Soup, salad, spring roll, chicken wing included as starters. So it seemed a really good deal to me even at the higher $7.50-9.00 prices. And for lunch, I actually had to bag up some of it since I didn't want to go into a food coma going back to the office.

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            ...and then you'd have been "not so nicedragonboy." What have they done with the bar area? Do they still have the full liquor license?

          2. We went last week for dinner and thought the new menu was very interesting and the dishes we tried were all very good. We thought the salt and pepper chicken and fried rice were especially well done