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Dec 3, 2013 02:36 PM

Mexican at Giovanni's Pizza Restaurant in Sunnyside

I went here for lunch a month ago after realizing it's really a Mexican place, although they do serve Pizza as well. Ordered Mole Enchiladas which took quite some time and were pretty good. My guess now is it's not a common lunch item. The place was pretty busy.

Has anyone had experience with other items? There are alot of tortas and cemitas on the menu, which would probably have been a better choice at lunch rush. I was craving Pozole today and almost went in but ended up doing falafel at Mangal.

Whats up locals?

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  1. update

    Pozole is pretty good and come with 2 enormous flautas. I will continue trying stuff here. Mole de Olla is next on the list.

    1. i've gotten a milanesa de pollo torta there and thought it was ok... but, i guess not good enough for me to come back... the truck that used to be parked by rite aid, but now is parked around the corner by the night club is better, i think,,,