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Dec 3, 2013 12:54 PM

Seeking the best Mexican with a bar...

within 10 miles of Summit, not to include the Red Cadillac or Toro Loco. Any suggestions?

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  1. While I really want to make a bad joke here with regards to your title, I can't think of any Mexican restaurants with a bar in that area. Most are BYOB.

    1. Just read about Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City--sounds like it might have all of the right ingredients (folks from Rosa Mexicano going out on their own, staff from all over Mexico), but their website also says they've had a fire and hope to reopen "by Monday night"--just not sure if that means next week or if this has been up for a while, so def give a call before you go!

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      1. re: Curlz

        Oooh this looks perfect. Orale it is. Thx Curlz, u r the best

        1. re: Curlz

          I've read and heard about this place...but didn't think of it because it's not within 10 miles of Summit...regardless, I would certainly go if I was in the area and looking...thanks for the heads up.

        2. Happy to help, but make sure they're open!!

          1. Hi I would recommend Senoritas in Bloomfield nj exit 148 gsp very tasty full bar