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Greek restaurants

Hi CH's,

I'm looking for recommendations for Greek restaurants in mid-town Manhattan.


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  1. Midtown East try Ethos!!

    1. Molyvos, Seventh Avenue between 55th and 56th.


      1. Avra, Kellari, Ammos, in that order.

        Pera is meh and I hate Molyvos - reminds me a Greek themed restaurant at a Ramada Inn in Kansas or cruise ship.

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          Agree on Avra, especially for seafood.

        2. If this isn't too far west, Snack Eos (an outpost of Snack Taverna downtown) just opened on 9th Ave. at 39th and got some props the other day ... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9263...

          They're calling it a "contemporary" spin on Greek ... http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkint...

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            9th Ave. in the 30's used to be a very Greek area. I'd check it out.
            RE: Avra, seafood is good there. But overall I think it is as big of a rip off as Thalassa.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Thalassa won't work for OP who was looking in Midtown.

              That said, any hounds had the lamb at Thalassa? How's the food overall (I've never been)?

              Astoria, Periyali, Pylos are out . . . all a better value than the Midtown Greek restaurants I've been to (Avra, Kellari).

          2. I'm wondering which Greek restaurants in Manhattan would be best for a group of 12-15 people? I know some places have private rooms that could work.

            How is Periyali these days?

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                We like Periyali.

                Not new, trendy, sceney. Well established and consistent. Grilled octopus is their signature dish, very good.

              2. In midtown, Meli.

                If you're willing outside of midtown, try Yefsi (UES).

                1. My favorite is Milos-a bit pricey but very luxurious feeling and great zuchinni chips!!! Freshest fish for any Greek restaurant. Most will complain that it's too expensive, yes, but you gotta pay for great place. It's always full which is a good sign people willing to pay top dollar for good food and enviroment.

                  Estiatorio Milos (aka Milos)

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                    Milo's: Excellent but VERY expensive.

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                      Milos is delicious. Agreed. And the room feels more glamorous than the others that resort to hokey taverna decor.

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                        Milos has an incredible $25 lunch that I just very much enjoyed. Also, for the poster who asked about private rooms, there is a glass-enclosed loft-level private room that looks out on to the dining room.