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Dec 3, 2013 11:05 AM

Recipe for creating a successful food TV show ...

… anyone got this to share? :)

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  1. I always thought having a foul mouthed British Chef to travel from failing restaurant to failing restaurant, where he at first humiliates the ownership and management, then winds up in a Russian Bath house with the owners, smacking high five and pinching each others nipples would be a good premise for a food show.

    But what do I know?

    1. Complete details about the recipe. i.e. if you need to beat eggs and sugar for 5 minutes..then say so. Also...more focus on the food than on the host. Example: John Besh has a show on PBS/Create. He is clearly NOT the "look at me" over zealous host--in fact, he seems uncomfortable at times--and this is great, IMHO. He focuses entirely on the FOOD. I cannot stand that over-zealous smile (Giada)..or the "look-at-me" host. Just gimme the recipe and details.

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        I agree. I also miss the older style of filming. I don't want food porn. Show me something useful at a normal angle. No excessive music. Interesting asides about the food are appreciated. Ooing and ahing and the things that Ina says are just inane.

        1. I'd love to see Edible Publications become a tv program. They already populate a wonderful food magazine across the country, offer radio podcasts, videos, local live events and have a dedicated advertising base with plenty of offsprings!

          The award winning photography and writing staff could easily translate to tv.

          Edible Publication TV could take on a region of the country and interview/cover the very food people, places and things they cover now in print.

          1. A pretty girl in a low cut shirt, who can't cook but has family in the entertainment industry?

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              And her show will be even better if she has a large head with a large mouth.