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Dec 3, 2013 10:57 AM

Pregnant and Miserable

I am 8 weeks Pregnant and can't even COOK without getting nauseous. .HELP

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  1. Also, I do daycare and am SO exhausted at the end of the day
    I feel I have no energy to spend time with my Family!!

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    1. re: amberschindy

      Sleep! You need it. You are growing a person. It's hard work.

    2. I'm linking to a bunch of CH threads addressing this and hope it helps.

      If you have an SO, I'd turn the food preparation over to him/her and maybe you can eat some things that you don't have to cook.

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        Nausea is your body's way of shutting down some things so it can concentrate it's energy on your babies nutritional needs.' It's nature and you are part of it. Later when your body demands a huge steak in the middle of the night it's your body's why of making sure your baby gets what it needs. Honestly you are just along for the ride now.
        The nausea will pass like it's done for billions of other women.

        1. re: Puffin3

          Morning sickness is likely caused by hormonal changes but as OP says she's looking for suggestions that may help her.

      2. Thanks for the links, I'm hoping to find something helpful :(.

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          my mother was hospitalized for 6 months while she was pregnant with littlest brother. It happens to some woman. Checkout the magazine Everyday Food for your SO. Easy recipes with no more than 5 ingredients. altoids help me whenever I feel nauseous.

        2. I understand Millions of woman go through the same thing. I'm only searching for advice on home remedies...what worked for others.
          Thanks though

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          1. re: amberschindy

            Hope you are feeling better soon. I was violently ill (seriously could not even safely drive!) many times per day from about 9 weeks onward. I carried garbage bags in all my pockets and eventually went on meds. Rest does help and so does staying hydrated - tiny frequent sips. Keeping the water icy helped a bit. Oddly the only thing I could eat with any regularity was peanut butter. Even crackers made me feel queasy, though I suspect that was a bit freudian. I ate the peanut butter with apples or bananas sometimes. Occasionally i could tolerate hotdogs - hardly "eating clean" but you eat what you can. I could not hold down most raw veggies. I also found switching up starches worked - for one meal - the next time I'd make mashed potatoes, for example, they were no longer a safe food! Anyway it seems to be a big experiment but eventually it's worth it! Good luck.

          2. That sounds awful. I'll sympathize with you!! Hope it passes quickly. (I'm sorry I have no advice for you, I've never been through it.)