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Dec 3, 2013 09:39 AM

A shout out for Señor Nachos in Great Neck

Yes - Ignore the name. This is the relatively new place in a spot that will doom it to failure (former location of Maraku, on Middle Neck across from the Waldbaum's shopping center).

Despite the poor prognosis, the food here is actually quite good. i've been there twice, and had a chance to sample a few different things. I have had the chicken in mole sauce and the grilled shrimp entree, both of which I thought were delicious. We've also tried the skirt steak, enchiladas, empanadas and street tacos, all of which we liked. The soap de pollo is nice and spicy, and they have a couple of good house made hot sauces.

I recommend trying this place before its too late. If you like Mexican food, and want to keep some in Great Neck, give it a shot.

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  1. I agree, one visit so far and surprisingly good. Better then I would have imagined, particularly with that name. I had the mole negro and though it probably was out of a Dona Maria jar then spiked by the cooks, it was good. Enchiladas and quesadillas' were solid. Tableside guacamole made to order was nice for the kids to watch. If I don't feel like traveling over into Queens it is a solid choice and a fine replacement for Pancho's.

    1. Unfortunately it is in a hexed location. no restaurant lasts more than months there no matter how good.

      I'm sure it has to do with the parking...or lack of it. There is a lot right across the street; but it is only for shoppers there...and they do tow.

      I am going to try it because I would like to see one restaurant make it there