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Dec 3, 2013 09:04 AM

Eats near Colden Auditorium?

We have tickets for a concert this Saturday evening at the Colden Auditorium at Queens College.
Can anyone steer us to a moderately- priced ($80 per couple, no drinks) place to grab a bite before the concert? Italian or American food would be best.
None of us is coming from Queens, so a spot that is fairly close to Colden would be appreciated, as we don't want to travel to the restaurant and then travel again to Colden.

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  1. I'm hard pressed to think of anything in that area that is $40/couple, let alone $80. If you don't mind driving a little further, there is Fino in Bayside and Danny Brown Wine Bar in Forest Hills. There is also Puerto Madero Steakhouse which is close by. Fino and Danny Brown are good for tapas style meals. Puerto Madero is an Argentinean steakhouse.

    1. Aquista Trattoria is fairly close by. As Robotron said, there isn't anything very close. Good solid Italian neighborhood spot.

      1. You could go to Valentino's on Kissena Boulevard and (about) 70th Road. The entrance is just a pizza place, but there is a restaurant in the back. The food is old-fashioned neighborhood Italian, very fresh, large portions and very tasty. The menu is extensive. Valentino's is located on a block that's mostly being renovated for a large new retail venture so don't be put off by all the fencing on either side of it. We always have delicious meals there and you'll be a 3 minute ride to Colden.

        1. You might try Fillmore's Tavern. It's small: a former speakeasy located in what used to be a house in a residential area. Close to Colden and very easy to get to Colden from there. Bar area with seating in front, dining room in back. Crab-stuffed mushrooms are excellent.

          1. I know you've mentioned Italian and American but do consider this very good Chinese restaurant nearby on Main St just off the LIE.