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RIP, Judy Rodgers

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      1. so very young. but she accomplished so much.

        1. devastating news! Way, way too young.

          1. Sad news. First Marcella then Charlie and now Judy.

            1. We're also memorializing Judy Rodgers on the SF Bay Area board,

              1. Cancer :(. Gone too soon

                1. Very sad news. Not long after we married, my husband and I went to San Francisco. It was early in Judy Rodgers's tenure at Zuni Cafe but I had read about it and insisted we go. We went, got there just after the lunch rush, ate oysters and drank wine and then had an amazing salad and burger. Wonderful memory. My husband told me he would always trust my judgment in restaurants. (And he has.) And we've gotten back there almost every time we've been back to SF. I will now pull out my underused Zuni cookbook and try some of those tagged recipes.

                  1. Even though I only eat fish, Zuni Cafe cookbook was god to me