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Dec 3, 2013 08:38 AM

Casual fine dining in Sacramento

I'm in Sacramento for a few days on business and would like to eat at some nice-ish restaurants. However, I didn't bring anything "dressy" with me (tech field = t-shirts and jeans), so places like Enotria, Biba, The Kitchen, and Ella are likely out.

I've already hit Magpie Cafe (easily my favorite in town). I've eaten at Waterboy, Boulevard Bistro, and Silva's on previous trips. All good, but I want to try new places. Any other must hit places in town that won't frown upon "business casual"? I'm open to all sorts of cuisines.

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    1. re: BN1

      Thanks for the recommendation! Tuli was fantastic all around and I didn't feel out of place in my fleece jacket and jeans. They served up the best tasting duck I've had in ages, and their apparently new pastry chef did a great rendition of sticky toffee pudding.

      I'm adding the other restaurants to my list for the next trip up.

    2. grange--ok in jeans I think. mulvaneys, I think you'd be ok too

      1. also lucca and roxy are good..

        1. sorry...I also like ten 22 and the porch--more casual