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Dec 3, 2013 08:23 AM

Amis First Time

I have reservations at Amis and have not eaten there before. I have been to Osteria many times and it is one of my favorite restaurants.

Which dishes should I not miss at Amis?

I am a fairly adventuresome diner and noticed the swordfish meatballs, pigs head croquettes, mortadella mousse and sweetbreads as unusual dishes, are any of these outstanding?

My inclination is to order several bruschettas, antipasti and one or two pastas and pass on secondi.

Any help will be much appreciated

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  1. Unckle Al I think you inclinations on what to order are spot on. I have enjoyed the swordfish meatballs in the past, and they are worth trying. I personally am not a fan of the mortadella mousse. With regards to the pasta, my one comment is that Amis unlike Osteria does not provide the option of ordering half portions. For simplicity the cacio e pepe is quite good, if you like that type of dish. The list of pasta seems a bit short at the moment. I would listen for whatever the specials are that day as well.

    1. the roman tripe stew is unbelievable. perfect for a cold night. it's better than any i had in rome. I also love the pasta with jalepenos and the swordfish meatballs.

      1. I loved the mortadella mousse - so much so I make it at home now.

        1. Oh, so many good things!
          To add to those already mentioned -
          loved the baked pecorino with almond honey
          tongue and sweetbreads, because I love that stuff
          fried cauliflour
          pastas - they are great -
          I think it was the tonnareili that we loved last time,
          though the pappardelli is always good -

          and one of the best desserts I have ever had,
          the salted butter semifreddo hot fudge sundae with
          poached pears, maple syrup, and pecans

          Have a a lovely time, skip the large mains,
          and ask for one of the quieter tables.
          The noise level is very high.

          1. Definitely don't miss the swordfish meatballs. Unexpectedly light, moist (sorry for the word) and delicious. The spuma di mortadella was ordered and rivaled the ones I've eaten in bologna. Ridiculously good. It's so easy to make at home ( Also that tripe stew was extremely memorable. Honestly, if you are a home pasta maker, i would actially skip the pastas for the other dishes, but that's just me. I mean, yes, the pastas are fab but I thought all the starter dishes were the stars of the show.

            Oh wait - that baked pecorino w honey was beautiful too!

            Don't think you can go wrong especially if brad spence is there! Have fun.