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Amis First Time

I have reservations at Amis and have not eaten there before. I have been to Osteria many times and it is one of my favorite restaurants.

Which dishes should I not miss at Amis?

I am a fairly adventuresome diner and noticed the swordfish meatballs, pigs head croquettes, mortadella mousse and sweetbreads as unusual dishes, are any of these outstanding?

My inclination is to order several bruschettas, antipasti and one or two pastas and pass on secondi.

Any help will be much appreciated

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  1. Unckle Al I think you inclinations on what to order are spot on. I have enjoyed the swordfish meatballs in the past, and they are worth trying. I personally am not a fan of the mortadella mousse. With regards to the pasta, my one comment is that Amis unlike Osteria does not provide the option of ordering half portions. For simplicity the cacio e pepe is quite good, if you like that type of dish. The list of pasta seems a bit short at the moment. I would listen for whatever the specials are that day as well.

    1. the roman tripe stew is unbelievable. perfect for a cold night. it's better than any i had in rome. I also love the pasta with jalepenos and the swordfish meatballs.

      1. I loved the mortadella mousse - so much so I make it at home now.

        1. Oh, so many good things!
          To add to those already mentioned -
          loved the baked pecorino with almond honey
          tongue and sweetbreads, because I love that stuff
          fried cauliflour
          pastas - they are great -
          I think it was the tonnareili that we loved last time,
          though the pappardelli is always good -

          and one of the best desserts I have ever had,
          the salted butter semifreddo hot fudge sundae with
          poached pears, maple syrup, and pecans

          Have a a lovely time, skip the large mains,
          and ask for one of the quieter tables.
          The noise level is very high.

          1. Definitely don't miss the swordfish meatballs. Unexpectedly light, moist (sorry for the word) and delicious. The spuma di mortadella was ordered and rivaled the ones I've eaten in bologna. Ridiculously good. It's so easy to make at home (http://www.weareneverfull.com/spuma-d...). Also that tripe stew was extremely memorable. Honestly, if you are a home pasta maker, i would actially skip the pastas for the other dishes, but that's just me. I mean, yes, the pastas are fab but I thought all the starter dishes were the stars of the show.

            Oh wait - that baked pecorino w honey was beautiful too!

            Don't think you can go wrong especially if brad spence is there! Have fun.

            1. It's been a while since I've been to Amis but in the past I definitely enjoyed every pasta dish I've tried (moreso than at Osteria), the housemade salumi, and the “tartufo al bacio” which is one of my favorite desserts anywhere/anytime.

              I had been underwhelmed in the past by the secondi so I definitely think your inclinations for ordering are spot-on.

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                +2 or is it 3, well you get the idea, on the pasta dishes! +1 on the noise level being VERY high. Agree on skipping the large mains ; I have had some very big, expensive disappointments in that menu area. To my taste salumi from high quality speciality houses is far superior to the housemade salumi at any Vertri restaurant. Next time there, based on comments here I will definitely have the baked pecorion and the tripe stew, thanks for the tips.

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                  Ok, I made a rez at Amis for my wedding anniversary in December, mostly after looking at nice Italian places in town (I've been to Osteria & liked it).

                  Would you recommend a more intimate setting for Italian in Center City? I've also looked at Melograno and Branzino.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    yeah it's pretty loud (and sort of a machine)... ulivo might be nice for that. BYO, quiet, you can linger, great food.

                    1. re: alex1018

                      Ah, but no sweetbreads on the menu :-)

                      Not that I mentioned that this was essential.... but the menu at Amis looks a lot more interesting to me.

                      I'll keep looking, tho! Thank you.

                      1. re: linguafood

                        oh ya, in that case, sure.. amis... it's just not very romantic. if you don't care about that then it's great and interesting and delicious.

                        1. re: alex1018

                          As long as we don't have to yell at each other we'll be fine.

                          1. re: linguafood

                            You will have to yell at each other at Amis. Each visit provided good, interesting ,albeit pricy, food and deafening noise. It is about as romantic as the 50 yard line at the Link for a Cowboys-Eagles game. If romantic is part of your consideration I strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

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                      I've always gone early to Amis (like, reservation right at opening time) to avoid major crowd and noise issues. I can't say I've found any of the better Italian places in Center City "romantic" except perhaps Roberto Cafe (especially in the summer when one can eat in the backyard seating).

                      1. re: sockii

                        That's ok. We make our own romance '-D

                        My priorities are a creative antipasti menu & good pasta for most Italian restaurants. Amis seems to deliver on both (?).

                        1. re: linguafood

                          Good choices on all counts; good pasta and antipasti menus and making your own romance to hell with the noise. That being the case you may not even notice.

                2. Thank you to everyone! We ate almost every dish recommended and enjoyed each one.

                  Thanks again

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                    Anything special stand out? Which pasta dishes if any did you have? How about dessert? How did you find the noise level?

                  2. There were four of us and we had eight antipasti and two pastas. All of the dishes were good. The portion sizes were surprisingly substantial and easily enjoyed by all four of us. They were absolutely NOT stingy with the great bread.

                    I really liked the baked pecorino with almond honey. I grew up eating pecorino, mostly grated but sometimes just in slivers with wine. I never had it baked before and I would surely order it again.

                    I think that the swordfish meatballs were a nice and interesting dish. They were very tasty and I would definitely order them again.

                    I ordered the cacio e pepe, it was good and I enjoyed it very much. I have made this simple dish at home but wanted to see if the Vetri version was different or better. It was good but not different or better than my own.

                    The pasta dishes available were not that interesting to me which is never the case at Osteria.

                    This restaurant, for me, is a winner and almost like eating homemade food. The only downside is the noise but, hey, I am old and crotchety.

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                    1. re: Unkle Al

                      Thanks for the feedback. I am not old and hopefully not crotchety, some may argue. The noise levels we are being asked to accept as the new normal in a trendy, upbeat establishment I find absurd. Not sure if this is a lack of civility by the loud customer or the restaurant which does not invest in proper design and just packs them in. My guess is a confluence of both. Amis is extremely loud it is not your age or disposition.

                      1. re: Unkle Al

                        Been there only one time for a business dinner. No one could hear a thing. Thus it was of no value to us as a occasion to conduct casual, conversational business. Al you may or may not be old and crotchety but in regards to this venue it matters little. Over-the-top loud!