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Dec 3, 2013 07:42 AM

Aventura--Ann Arbor

Has anyone tried the new tapas restaurant Aventura (owned by the same folks as Sava and Babo)? Curious about how it is and the prices...the website has no prices listed.

We checked out the other new tapas restaurant in Detroit La Feria and it was excellent!! Really hoping Aventura is as good.

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  1. And you still are putting the finishing touches on your La Feria review???!

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      I am planning to set aside some time to do it. I need to look in the thesaurus for more ways to describe the delicious food. Thank God THAT place opened in Detroit!

    2. Hi Elyssa! I was just about to post up a review when I saw your posting. My BF and I went on Sunday night for a birthday celebration and we loved it. I was a little hesitant because it had only officially opened this Friday. I've been to tapas places in Chicago and this certainly measured up.

      It's a nice open space with exposed brick and a beautiful tile mural on the back wall. Two-top tables were kind of small and pushed together, but not that bad. And it was busy for a Sunday night. I had made a reservation through Open Table for 7 p.m. and we were seated promptly.

      The menu is huge! From pinxtos to tapas to paella to a whole sucking pig for a party. We stuck with the tapas and were not disappointed.

      Service was very attentive and friendly. Maybe too attentive, but our server was enthusiastic, and our water glasses were constantly filled. We were also visited by I'm guessing either the owner or general manager to make sure we were happy.

      OK, on to the food! We started out with a Market Platter...two kinds of charcuterie and three cheeses accompanied by house-made quince paste. We inhaled that in about three minutes. Next up seranno ham croquettes, chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, lamb meatballs, patatas bravas with sunnyside egg (this was a huge serving), and charred padron peppers. Our server said they called them Russian roulette peppers because every once in awhile you'll get a blazing hot one. Well, the first one I got knocked my socks off.

      The prices weren't too bad, although I thought $20 for our charcuterie plate was a bit high for the amount of food we got. Everything else ran $4 – $10.

      They have an interesting cocktail menu, the beer list is quite creative--Dogfish Head to Bells to Rogue. I drank their white sangria. I'm not a big sangria person, but this was good. It was flavored with green peppercorns, cardamom and apricot among other flavors and full of fresh grapes, apple and pear. Very light and not too sweet.

      Dinner w/ tip and two drinks was $95. And we were stuffed. I would definitely go there again, hopefully with a large party so we can try more dishes.

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        Thanks for the review. I want to check it out. My husband might need a little convincing---he lived in Spain for a year and is pretty picky about what is considered real Spanish tapas :)

        I agree the menu is gigantic. When I looked at it online it just kept going and going. I want to try those patatas bravas with the egg though (I'll eat pretty much anything if there is an egg on it!).

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          Ohhhh man. If I get any employer profit sharing this year, I'm going straight to Aventura and getting a roast suckling pig and some paella!!!

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            Well, VTB, if you get anywhere near there we may have a reliable review. I'll make a contribution..;)

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              Cool :-) Just don't invite JanPrimus, because he'll bogart both the jowls.

        2. I finally semi-splurged and tried Aventura. Very nice experience. Too hip for me, but they let me stay anyway. Several clusters of monied, smart-looking, groovy girls in their early twenties hanging out during happy hour. Must be nice to have a platinum card at that age.

          I ate at the bar, where the charismatic bartenders, such as Saúl, were calling everyone (incld me) by name and telling interesting stories and making people laugh admiringly. This even was before I got far into one of three house sangria styles on offer. The tinto one was my choice. Very fine for the $5 HH price.

          I shared with my coworker the $40 suckling pig combo plate, or the plato cochinillo as they may more elegantly list it. It came with cheeses, cured meats, olives and three tapas of our choice, which were marinated cannellini beans, braised apples & brussels sprouts, and sautéed mushrooms. All three spoke impressively of the chef.

          We then moved to the various cuts from the roasted suckling pig (said to have been humanely raised on sweet mother's milk during its four week life, just east of Grand Haven). After all that preceded it, I must admit that I was no more than simply satisfied. Decent flavor, meat tenderness and skin crispiness. The sauces were more memorable (sour parsley, romesco, “spicy brava”). Adequate portion for 2, as opposed to “2-4.” The meat was not quite enough to soon motivate my return. Maybe my expectations had ratcheted up too high?

          Still contemplating my next visit, I inquired of one server about the paella. The answer was evasive. Maybe Aventura really is best enjoyed as a tapas bar? Oh, I might add that they offer a wood-fired rustic brunch on the weekends. Hmmmm.

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            These were my impressions too: drinks reasonably priced; the cochinillo just good; the tapas in many cases excellent. If you do a whole meal of tapas the cost adds up, but if you go with a group you can get a really delightful variety. It's a fun evening out. Haven't tried the brunch yet.