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Dec 3, 2013 07:27 AM

Bake sale favorites time again

I ask every year, and every year you CH'ers come through fabulously, so here goes again.....
My children's elementary school has a Christmas festival, they ask parents to contribute by making a baked good to donate to a silent auction. The baked goods need to be a little more than rice krispies treats because they raise money by people bidding on the tastiest looking goodies. I love to bake and have some extra time so I was hoping you could steer me in the direction of some recently made big hits from your repertoire. Thank you, again this year!

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  1. I've been making Melissa Clark's Banana Blondies. Always a hit.

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      Those look great! How long ahead can they be made - and can they be frozen?

      1. re: dalcook

        I would think that they'd freeze just fine.

    2. There's a recent thread on buche de noel which would be seasonal and eye catching.

      1. One of the best presentations I saw was a basket with individually wrapped choco dipped pretzel rods and large cookies baked onto lollipop sticks (not those new cake pop things) these were atleast 6 inch round oatmeal, choco chip, M&M cookies impaled on sturdy tall sticks. the rods were decorated in festive sprinkles, coconut etc. I saw several sized baskets, a smallish one had about 1/2 dozen assorted treats, larger one had 10 and so on. The bigest basket had about 2 dozen treats in it. they are great becuase each is wrapped in clear cellophane, tied with a pretty ribbon and arranged in the basket to look like a flower display.

        1. I made these cupcakes for my daughter's bday and everyone went nuts for them. They are impressive. I thought they were too sweet but the kids loved them. I used Annie eats recipe but her site is down but this is the same recipe.

          1. Look on Pinterest and search for Christmas cookie pops. I found a picture of a pretty tree and it looks quite easy when you break it down. I'll try to attach the picture here.