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Dec 3, 2013 06:23 AM

Desserts in Des Moines IA?

I'm going to be in Des Moines for Christmas and I thought I'd pick up a dessert for Christmas dinner.

What's a good place to order from? I'm open to ideas be it a restaurant or a bakery or someone who makes good stuff in their home...but it needs to be something that can travel from the place I'll be picking it up to the house I'll be staying in, and it needs to be able to be stored for at least a day. Cheesecake, regular cake, bars, specialty ice cream, mousse, tarts, etc... I'm not particularly picky as long as I get enough to have 20 servings and it's exceptionally good.

PS - I live on the Mississippi river in Iowa and normally get my desserts for holidays at Ganson's in Rock Island Illinois. The desserts there are outstanding, but that's not going to be possible this year.

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  1. I'm not a dessert person, but since there is no Des Moines participation anymore, I'll give you this.
    I can only tell you they are highly regarded, and very accomadating. Give them a call.

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      I had breakfast at la mie about a year ago when I drove through des moines. it was excellent.

    2. I decided to go with an Italian Cream Cake that I first tried at Cafe Di Scala. Exceptionally good, and surprisingly good on the third piece 3 days later. Unlike most cake, the frosting doesn't get sickeningly sweet the more of it you eat. :)