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Dec 3, 2013 06:00 AM

Acton/ Concord Holiday Meal

Greetings - I need to plan a holiday meal for a party of 7 on a Sunday evening. 6 of us are food lovers, 1 just eats to live. Bondir is my first choice, but Opentable shows no availability. I'm going to call, but I am in need of a back up plan. 80 Thoreau is closed on Sundays. Anyone been to Sprigs? They are open, but I've never been there. Any other suggestions? Am getting desperate. Thank you.

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  1. I would definitely call - sometimes restaurants hold back reservations from Open Table, or don't offer large group bookings online.

    Backup options in Concord could include Vincenzo's and Papa Razzi - neither are particularly foodie, but both have solid food and a pleasant atmosphere.

    Depending on your location flexibility, I'd recommend looking at Lexington or other surrounding towns. Lexington has a lot of restaurants that you could consider. AKA Bistro in Lincoln (I think) is also popular.

    I've heard positive things about Atlantic Fish in Acton too. Could be worth checking out, depending on what you're going for.

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      Atlantic Fish is old and stinky. It is where all the old people go.

    2. I like Sprigs very much. It would be a better choice then Vincenzo's or Paprazzi.

      1. I had a Sunday evening meal at Serafina in Concord recently. It was pretty good, nothing earth shattering, and I found it downright odd that their Ceasar salad comes with gorgonzola, but we all enjoyed our meals well enough, and I think they'd handle a party of that size pretty well. Our server was absolutely lovely, very thoughtful and nice.

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          A good friends family lives in Acton and frequent Seraphina multiple times a week. It's nothing too fancy, but solid, good food.

        2. Have you looked at the menu at the new Red Raven in Acton. Its in the old Scupper Jacks building which is a nice location, They've renovated and the menu looks interesting. Not sure if it might be a bit too casual for you, though certainly not Bondir/80 Thoreau caliber

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            Do not give them your money. Owners and management are nasty, prices are ridiculous (uh, $44 for a ribeye? $11 for a domestic high gravity beer?), and quality is poor.

          2. You're getting good advice here about calling the restaurant even if you see no availability on OpenTable. We did this with Bondir in Concord early on and snagged an upcoming reservation (also, OpenTable didn't seem to be working too smoothly for them back at that time).