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Dec 3, 2013 05:48 AM

I got to clean this pan!

I picked this pan up at a flea market. It's a very heavy good quality one. I need help in finding some product/tip that will actually remove the baked on food off. I have tried just about everything I can think of in the past to remove baked on foods. Including multiple applications of oven cleaner for instance. Nothing really works so far.
Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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  1. Try Bon Ami. I've used that on pans that I still couldn't clean after soaking them. Took a little elbow grease but it cleaned the pan! An oldie but still a goodie! In case you're not familiar with it, it comes in a shaker container like Comet cleanser does.

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        Bar Keepers Friend works wonders. I've cleaned pans that look much worse almost effortlessly with BKF.

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          Barkeeper's Friend and Mr. Clean sponge.

      2. Looking at the pan and realizing this is the outside, you are NOT lookig at baked on food. You are looking at BURN from the stove, cooktop, outdoor fire, etc.

        BTW>>>a tip learned in Boy Scouts 50 years ago. If you are going to put a pan or pot on a grate over an open fire, coat the outside with liquid dishwashing soap to make cleaning easier and avoid the burn.

        I have dealt with this in the past, and nothing but a long seesion with steel wool and elbow grease will get the burn off.

        This looks like a 18 count box of Brillo job.

        Years ago, I experimented with a polishing disc on a Dremel tool, but it thinned out areas of the pot and made it unsuitable for even cooking. Steel Wool will not do this.

        The pan looks like sheet pans after my kids have used them repeatedly for cookie baking and not cleaned them after each use. The pan will clean...................

        1. A combination of baking soda and white vinegar are my go-tos for tough cleaning jobs.

          1. First thing I would try is....spray it with Easy Off oven cleaner...coat it well. If possible put it in a gallon zip lock or small trash bag. Let it set for a few hours. ~~ Do this outside!!

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              I've tried that exact product and the bag idea. It didn't touch the 'burn'.

              1. re: Alan408

                I guess so but I'd rather not scratch it that much.
                There MUST be some chemical that will dissolve 'burn'.

                1. re: Puffin3

                  I saw a plastic wheel brush today at the hardware store, add some BKF and water

                  1. re: Alan408

                    Can be hard to find, but search out "Zud." It's a powder, like BKF, but I've found it to be a tad better at really gunky stuff.