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Dec 3, 2013 05:13 AM

Ideas for tonight - appetizer at bar then takeout

So my wife and I are doing a mini date night tonight. We plan to grab a quick drink and small bite somewhere and then pickup takeout somewhere a short walk away for us and parents. Location: I am traveling from Grand Central to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. Great if both places are near GC, but I am okay making one stop on the subway. The bar should have good food and mocktails. The takeout needs to be good, parents prefer ethnic, not fried; but open to non-ethnic too. Takeout needs to handle ~40 minute commute home. First bar thoughts in my mind are: Eleven Madison Park, NoMad, PDT, Death & Co. Takeout #1 choice would be Mission Chinese if they were open. Since they are not, thought of Hunan Manor & Zabb Elee jump out to me - benn to and like both. Other ideas? Obviously PDT and Zabb Elee are close to each other and on my list, so they are a good combo, but wanted to see if you all could come up with a better one. Any good takeout spots near EMP/NoMad? Any good bar options near Hunan Manor?

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  1. EMP and Nomad will probably be mobbed at rush hour time-there are several offices in building above EMP that always fills the bar right after work. Same w NoMad-bar small so it fills up fast and too crowed for my comfort. What time are you planning to hae drinks- that would help narrow down choice of first part of venue.

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      good point. don't want to battle crowds. probably 6:30ish

    2. Middle Branch then Hunan Manor?

      1. Salvation Taco has some good cocktails (not sure about mocktails) and appetizers, and is very close to Hunan Manor.

        1. Xian's famous? Cafe Zaiya?
          you can also do cheese and pate from Murray's cheese market in GC.