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Dec 3, 2013 03:24 AM

First time user of Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker, is it supposed to hiss?

So I bought a used Kuhn Rikon Pressure cooker (the original, not the duromatic). I have no idea how pressure cookers work let alone how Kuhn Rikon works, but I did buy Kuhn Rikon because from what I read, it traps in steam and volatiles better than conventional pressure cookers due to its valve system and doesn't vent

So I decided to try chicken stock today and the instruction manual says that while heating it up, first air will escape, then then pressure valve on top will rise to the red mark and close up the valve. There was a lot of hissing from steam escaping and sputtering at first, then after a while when the red mark appeared, the steaming and sputtering reduced but the hissing sound was still apparent. I thought one of the key features of a kuhn rikon was the lack of hissing. Is there just simply *less* hissing than conventional pressure cookers or is there not supposed to be any hissing at all? Is there something defective with what I bought?

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  1. Okay so apparently the "UL valve" in the lid might be faulty since it has trouble building up pressure and is hissing too much. Will buy a replacement part and see if it improves

    1. The springs fatigue with time and heat. When mine gets weak, I take a wooden spoon and 'lift' the stem slightly when it hisses until pressure builds and it seals up.

      Stretch the spring slightly and heat some water in it. If it doesn't seal stretch it a little more. Go slowly because if you over stretch it it won't work properly. You can also buy a new spring.

      Also, check your gaskets for a good seal, no cuts, dried out and cracked rubber, etc.

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        My gaskets seem to be okay, that's not where the source of the hissing is from. It's coming from the top...I forgot to check where as I didn't know you could remove the valve housing, but it was blowing from one direction, which makes me highly suspect that it's a faulty UL valve.

        1. re: takadi

          Take a flat head screwdriver and unthread the valve and check the spring tension and gasket integrity.

          1. re: Sid Post

            I replaced the safety valve and spring and tightened the main valve so the o-ring (which is what I assume what you mean by gasket) pressed more firmly against the lid. It works pretty decently now, very little hissing through there is some at higher pressures...I'm guessing that is normal. It was having a difficult time coming to pressure before because it was venting through the o ring and the spring was malformed and the stem wouldn't rise and seal it. So your instincts were correct

            1. re: takadi

              I'm glad it was an easy fix for you. The KR pressure cookers need some occasional TLC and a tune up. The o-rings/gaskets can dry out and become brittle or get nicked which can cause steam to escape and hiss. I have a little more trouble with the springs which seem to fatigue over time. The fixes are pretty easy with a little experience and practice which you seem to have now!

              If you get slight hissing and steam loss with good gaskets/o-rings, you probably have a spring that it is slightly fatigued. I generally don't worry about it if the water loss is minimal.

              1. re: Sid Post

                Just wanted to update, the cooker started hissing again. I gave Kuhn Rikon a call and it turns out the main valve I have is a very old model from pre-1998 that for some reason is on my model of cooker (a 1999 model). Yet the valve stem cap was that of the newer models. It seems like the ebay seller did the ol' switcheroo on me..god I wish I could give him a negative review right now.

                I'm going to send in the lid for them to inspect it and replace the parts.