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Dec 3, 2013 01:15 AM

Rome: Openings for the Holidays

A big grazie to Tavole Romane for doing the grunt work of contacting some of the best restaurants in town to find out which are open, and which are not. Since these places decide at the last minute, and change their plans from year to year, this is a lot of work. So thanks to you folks at Tavole Romane for giving us this delicious gift for the holidays.

Keep in mind that many places have special, fixed priced, menus for the holidays and New Year's Eve can get very pricey.

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  1. Thank you E for posting this!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for your post and your kind words!

      The selection you linked is now posted in English too, hope it complies CH rules if I link it:

      You are right, contacting the restaurants take a lot of time and many of the owners do not like planning in advance.
      But the hardest (and nicest) part is always choosing which are the best places to recommend for special meals on Christmas days and New Year's Eve.

      Hope you like the selection and happy to hear any additions you would do.