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Help!!!! - Business lunch off the 405 in the north Valley

I need a hotel, coffee shop or restaurant off the 405 between the 101 and 118 for a business meeting. Quiet enough to talk with decent food.
Any ideas....THX!

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  1. For a business lunch, I like Alessio's on Reseda. Quiet, good food and good service. The only thing is that it may be further than you want to go.

    1. Big motel chain and, I think, a Denny's right off the 405 at Burbank and Sepulveda. Just before that, on Ventura, is the Marriott Courtyard( I think that's what it is now.)

      1. 94th Aero Squadron or the restaurant at the Airtel Plaza. Food is ok, but business appropriate.

        1. The Sherman Oaks Galleria is at the corner of Ventura and Sepulveda boulevards, right off the 405-101 interchange. It has a number of relatively upscale chain restaurants including Cheesecake Factory, El Torito Grill, and Mr. Chow. Across the street is an Italian place called Sisley, and about a block away from there on Sepulveda is a little collection of restaurants -- Indian, Italian, and, I believe, Japanese. While none of these is a destination place, given your requirements I think any one of them might fill the bill.

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            Sisley is now [thankfully] gone. Does anyone know what might be going into that space?

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              Story has it that Public School 818 will be moving in, yet no ABC posting for the longest time. Operated by the Daily Grill people.

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                And speaking of Public School, here is the posting notice reflecting it:

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                  Thanks for the info, Carter. We live nearby, and were hoping something decent would go into that space. I guess we shall see....

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                  Any news on this, Carter? Not much going on in the old Sisley space, from what I can see.

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                  Go there for meeting with friend from Santa Clarita. Perfect for its locational value, and the food is decent enough, yet definitely not anything beyond what you might hope for.

                2. Safari Room (Granada Hills)
                  L'Affair Café (Mission Hills)
                  Odyssey (Granada Hills)
                  Buon Gusto (Granada Hills)

                  1. La Petit Chateau
                    Rive Gauche
                    Eclectic Cafe
                    Mel's Diner
                    Cafe Cordial

                    1. How far off the Fwy? Five minutes, 15?

                      Weiler's Deli is on Nordhoff and Balboa, just five minutes (depending on traffic) west of the 405. I haven't eaten there in quite a while, others may be able to report.


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                        I thought it was pretty horrific the one time I went there ~4 yrs ago. Honestly, the stuff looked like it was microwaved frozen food. Truly blecherous. While food might not be the most important piece of a business meal, I can't imagine having a business lunch there.

                        Do think that one of the places in the Sherman Oaks Galleria would be good.

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                            My vague recollection is that the blecherous part only applied to some of the dishes (I can't recall what I had, though). But even the "good" part was merely okay. Yelp reviews seem to indicate the place might've been renovated recently, so who knows?

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                              Not renovated. I was just there a few days ago to pick up some matzo ball soup to go. There were only 3 tables occupied, and this was around 11:45 in the morning. It used to be much busier before. Their prices have gone up as well, so I think that can't be helping either.

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                            Weiler's is fair…but Brent's is Great!

                        1. Marmalade Cafe four blocks east of Sepulveda right near Kester 14910 Ventura Boulevard

                          La Frite-one short block over from M.C.
                          15013 Ventura Blvd.

                          1. Thanks Hounds.
                            May just see what the food is like at Galpin's Horseless Carriage.

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                              Report back. I've always been curious about this place.

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                                Where did you end up? What did you have? How did you like it (or not)?