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Dec 2, 2013 09:03 PM

Parts and Labour Burger - Queen/Spadina area

So, this was mentioned in the White Squirrel Snack Shop thread. P&L are opening up a burger joint a stone's throw from Burger Priest's location there. It is in the White Squirrel Snack Shop space -
Opens to the public on December 4th (This Wednesday) and open every day 11am to 11pm according to the GridTO preview. I will definitely check it out one Sunday or one later evening:

If anyone goes please post reviews. Looks like media preview is tonight as I saw some pics on Instagram (including from Abbey - )

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  1. I'm starving. Really bad timing for those pics!

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    1. re: justxpete

      I didn't take a billion years to process photos for once:

      It's nice that it'll be open late. Matty was saying that he'd like to open even later on Fri/Sat.

      This shop is pretty much a direct result of their win on Burger Wars (I didn't even know!). The burger can be had at their restaurant proper too, but at a higher cost.

      However, my faves were the Beaverton and the Italian. I'm meh on their onion rings (I prefer a lighter batter). And fries were fine.

      --- -- food. is. love.

      1. re: jlunar

        I thought I spoted you on a pic but I decided not to call out a potential review from you this time :)

        Thanks for the posting!

    2. Definitely looking forward to this place.


      1. Had a burger tonight. Not gonna lie, it was pretty great. Fries were good but needed a little more cooking.

        1. Just to add, I had a full burger (The Italian) today and that hit the spot. I was trying to wait until after lunch rush and just couldn't do it.

          1. I walked by P&L around 10ish out of curiosity. It wasn't too busy so gave it a try. Had the Castor. Liked the combo of peameal bacon, crispy onions and bbq sauce. Noticed the burger was still a little pink which was appreciated while having a good crust. I also liked that they aren't trying to adhere to the American cheeseburger aesthetic that BP does. Especially when it comes to having real cheddar as opposed to only American cheese and a bit more substantial bun than the white squishy kind.

            But as mentioned by Justxpete, the fries were definitely soggy yet had a lot of useless nearly burnt fry bits. BP has them beat in this dept.

            Can't wait to do a shake comparison.

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            1. re: num nums

              Mine weren't soggy. They were under-cooked. They were more firm and raw than "soggy". "Soggy" to me are fries that have been cooked and have sat in a closed container for an extended period of time.

              1. re: justxpete

                Ah yes, al dente fries. Hate that.


                1. re: Davwud

                  It's interesting the fries have been undercooked when the pictures in the OP all looked to be dark golden brown and well done.

              2. re: num nums

                "Noticed the burger was still a little pink which was appreciated while having a good crust."


                Is it uncommon in Canada to have Burgers that are actually Medium Rare?

                i ask because the best burger joints i've been to around the U.S. serve great quality beef (e.g., USDA Prime Dry-Aged or Wet-Aged) and the standard is usually Medium-Rare.


                1. re: chowseeker1999

                  Not my findings at all in the US. Some will C2O but most don't.

                  I can't speak for "Canada" but it seems in Ontario you can cook to M/W if you grind inhouse.

                  In a larger sense, we live in a pretty litigious time. Few places will risk a lawsuit over food poisoning.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    hi davwud,

                    thanks for the reply. interesting.

                    For sure most places in the U.S. just cook the burger to Medium-Well or Well-Done, but I was referring in my original post to the top notch burger joints (that grind their own meats, or source it from some local butchers fresh daily). in that context, "yes" they always cook to order and customer's preference and usually serve them Medium-Rare.

                    Parts and Labour sounds like a burger specialist and prides itself on burger making so i was surprised to hear the previous comment is all. just curious. :> thanks!