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Dec 2, 2013 07:52 PM

Your Christmas Eve Dinner.

We always have Chinese take out for our Christmas eve dinner. It's been going on for years now. All of the family will gather at my nieces house. Beautiful table setting,food,wine,hot chocolate afterward. So do you cook,get take out,or go out to eat on Christmas eve ?

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  1. We cook; in the past it's been an appetizer spread. This year, I'm going to visit my daughter & her boyfriend out of state. Daughter indicated that we should go out to eat, but really, I only see her a couple times a year for a few days at a time and I really want to cook so that's what I'll be letting her know the next time we speak by phone.

    I'm leaning toward a gumbo, good bread and some type of dessert.

    1. Most years at my parents' its pizza from a local place we just love. Take and bake, just a little/lot better than Papa Murphys. So we could be to church on time to light candles, etc. And after church, brandy old fashioneds while we open gifts.

      This year we are being rebels and staying home (HOOORAY!) and I think it's going to be some kind of seafood something. A minimalist feast of 7 fishes type spread (me, hubby, and 2 year old)

      1. I'll probably do another duck, as much for the duck dinner as for the duck hash I like on Christmas morning, topped with crispy skin and a runny fried egg.

        1. I spend Christmas with my SO's family these days, but as a kid growing up, we always had salami, cheese, and crackers. Gallo salami (the kind you slice yourself, one year mom bought the pre-sliced and we revolted), sliced cheddar and jack, both ritz and club crackers, and some sliced granny smith apples. It was the highlight of my year. Even when I was alone on Christmas Eve as an adult I would have something similar.... upped the quality level of the salami and cheese usually, and added wine.

          1. Our tradition has always been a huge appetizer spread and clam chowder. Sometimes a second choice of chili.

            This year will be different as we now have gluten free, vegetarians, and low carbers all together. We will also be renting a house in the mountains this year, so I'm not even in my own kitchen :/

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              House in the mountains sounds so nice.