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Dec 2, 2013 07:32 PM

Sticky toffee pudding

Is there a good source for this dessert in Manhattan…. or will mail order

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  1. Schiller's was famous for it at one time. Haven't been there in ages, though.

    1. I like the one at Blue Smoke.

      1. My friend raves over the version at john dory oyster bar. Last december i saw it at chickalicious but it doesn't look like its on their menu right now

        1. Jones Wood Foundry has a decent version with treacle sauce. They also have banoffee pie.

          1. Many thanks…. but I want to order to serve to guests around
            Christmas. Williams Sonoma has an offering…. but….

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              Try calling tea and sympathy in the w village, they may do one "to go" for you....