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Dec 2, 2013 07:19 PM

Daughter turning 25...

So we're looking for a place to celebrate!

Not just that but she also secured a very good job, so celebrating that too!

She likes classics like meat and potatoes but likes a vibrant scene... And since it's dad mom and daughter should be vibrant and fun, but not so loud that we can't slip in a few words to one another...we have late reservations at Absinthe which she's been to once and liked but any others you'd recommend? We love food but Atelier Crenn might be too foodie for us. Others I'm considering Aqurello, kolkkatari est etc

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  1. I'm not sure it fits the requirement for lively but Alfred's came to mind as perfect for a small celebratory dinner.

    Maybe 25 Lusk.

    1. Barbacco is certainly vibrant and fun: while not really meat-and-potatoes (in this town, I think those are rather contradictory), it is not so high-flying as Atelier Crenn. Or try Cotogna, one of my favorites. The pork roast and bistecca alla fiorentina are things of beauty for a meat-and-potatoes person.

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        I second Cotogna also places like Frances, Locanda, Nopa etc. Quince is my favorite of the upscale without being overly formal or fussy.

      2. Kokkari would be a great choice, I think. Lots of good-looking people, lots of chatter, easy to talk to one another, and, oh boy, grilled lamb chops with roasted potatoes. The rest of the menu is worthwhile, too (octopus, mezes, white beans, for example). Good service. I just really like that place and have celebrated several birthdays there.

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            We love Aziza, but it is sooooo not "meat and potatoes". Altho the lamb shank with barley risotto is outstanding, for sure.

            I'd second Kokkari. Has a relaxed yet "special" vibe that really gets a group into a good mood.

          2. Zare at FlyTrap ! Not just your usual cal/ital, pretty fun but not too loud, still "normal" enough to not be "too foodie". Similar to absinthe that is has a great bar.

            +1 on Cotogna

            -1 on Kokkari. Just a bit too boring. The only thing I ever get there or at Evvia is either the mesquite lamb or the branzino. Those are good ... but you can do better.

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              If Aziza is too food-forward, Zare is probably also too much of that.

              5A5, Leatherneck, HOPR, Alexander's, Harris