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Looking for unusual rice varieties

So my GF LOVES rice, and can't get enough of it. Can some of you recommend some super, amazing, unusual, not run-of-the-mill types and varieties? I am wanting to put together a gift basket (for lack of a better term) for her. Thanks!

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  1. Bamboo
    Red Bhutanese
    Colusari Red Rice

    1. Where do you live? If in SF and you pick up anything at a store with bulk bins, e.g. Rainbow, take a photo of the bin's label--- they often give cooking instructions.

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        I live in Richmond but work in SF. I have been there a bunch of times and thats a good idea!

      2. Second the suggestion for Black Rice.

        You can also pair these with rice vinegars, and rice wine.

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        1. I suppose what may be unusual to one person may be commonplace to another.

          Camargue Red Rice is fairly unusual in my culture (although relatively easy to buy at a supermarket)

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            Good suggestion. I have never heard of this before.

          2. Carolina Gold rice is delicious. You can order it from Anson Mills, if you're not in the Carolinas.

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              This sounds good. Looking at website now!

            2. Black rice and .... I guess wild rice (which isn't a rice).


              How about glutinous rice? Not uncommon for me, but may be uncommon for some people.

              1. I have enjoyed the Lundberg rices i have tried, the black pearl was flavorful and interesting.

                I buy calasspara and bomba rices from kalustyan's, they have more than 100 kinds of rice for sale here:

                1. From Thailand:
                  Red Jasmine Rice
                  Red cargo rice

                  The jasmine is slightly better. Both are long grain. Whole grain like brown rice, except the outer bran layer is red-brown. Look in a good Asian market or supermarket. You get a five lb bag for $6-$7.

                  1. I'm not sure of the name in English, but pirurutong from the Philippines is a type of glutinous rice that, when cooked, has a vibrant purple color.

                    Tilda brand basmati rice is also a good purchase for its toothsome grains and pronounced fragrance.

                    1. It's not super unusual, but the brown basmati from California that I've had has been wonderful. It's got some greenish grains of rice in it, and it's more flavorful than the grocery store brown basmati.

                      1. So heres what I ended up buying: Quila excel basmati, Carolina gold from Anson Mills and thinking of doing the carmauge red rice! Thanks for all of your suggestions!