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Dec 2, 2013 05:10 PM

3 nights after Christmas in NYC with 7 and 8 yr old daughters

They are good eaters, well behaved enough for a fun atmosphere. Staying in flat iron but willing to travel for dinner. Want to try a different theme each night. Have a rez at locanda verde Thursday night for italian, any thoughts for thai or Chinese or any other (except indian) the other 2 nights? Plans are flexible, want each dinner to be 1) really good 2) lively enough atmosphere for the kids for early dinner. Thanks!

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  1. nothing against Locande Verde foodwise but i must say it's very very loud and my rec would be to spare your kids' eardrums and go to mellow Bar Pitti instead...

    For Chinese, depends what variety you like...we have good Sichuan in NYC...and fun Cantonese places in Chinatown for lobster and such...

    All the top Thai here is in Queens, but you might enjoy trying the Isaan food at Zaab Elee in the East Village...

    Another special place is Sobakoh (5th St, just east of 2nd Ave) for soba noodles, grilled black cod, and tempura...

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      Thank you! Will check them out

    2. I agree about Bar Pitti. For Thai, go to Larb Ubol, 480 9th avenue, near 37th street. For Chinese, go to Hunan Manor, 339 Lexington Avenue between 39th and 40th.

      1. Locanda Verde is more about the scene for adults than it is about the food. Also very expensive. Bar Pitti is cooler hipper more kid friendly and affordable with better food. Do not miss the rigatoni pitti. Guaranteed everybody loves it. Order the rest of your meal off the blackboard menu. This place is the real deal

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          Great tip. Thank you. Just what we need in terms of advice!