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Aug 22, 2005 06:27 PM

Fredericksburg and Kerrville

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Anyone have any suggestions for good food in the Fredericksburg and Kerrville area. I know about Hilltop Cafe and the Trois Estate, but don't know about much else. All suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I live in Fredericksburg, but I seldom eat out here, as I would much rather cook at home, and when I do eat out I go for something inexpensive. Porky's, at the far west end of Main St., right where 290 and 71 split, has very fine burgers and fresh-cut fries. The onion rings are big and impressive looking, but they are over breaded. Friedhelm's right across the street has pretty good German food for not much money--sauerbraten, jaegerschnitzel, sauerkraut, red cabbage, etc.


    1. Cuvee is excellent. Al;so, for German food, the Auslander is pretty good too.

      1. Rails, in Kerrville's former train depot, is good and has a pleasant patio area when it's cool enough to eat outside. On hot days their chicken salad is especially good--very fresh greens, grilled and sliced chicken breast, goat cheese and dried cranberries with an interesting dressing that goes well with the cranberry/goat cheese combo. The buffalo burgers are also good, and DH likes the brisket sandwich, though it doesn't look like typical Texas Q brisket. Haven't tried the duck or steak entrees as we've only been for lunch. Francisco's, in an old limestone building downtown, is also good with an emphasis on Mexican-inspired ingredients (but nothing like your typical Tex Mex). Their specials on Weds. and Fri. (enchiladas verdes and chiles rellenos, respectively) are very good--the chiles rellenos have raisins, etc. in them and are more of a Oaxacan-type dish. Have not yet been for dinner though I understand it is very good and a different menu from the lunch one.

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          Lorri Kendrick

          In Fredericksburg the Navajo Grill is fabulous, if you are looking for something very pricey - ($20-30 entrees). The Welfare Cafe in Welfare Texas, off I-10 between Kerrville and Boerne is fine dining not to be missed, and well worth the drive. Price point is $11-$25 entrees. Reservations strongly recommended. If it isn't too hot, ask for a table outside under the arbor.

          1. Rails is bang on the owners have became friends of my wife and I. Welfare cafe great, also try the Waring general store. Go on wednesday nights that is steak night. Its a town gathering the whole small town comes out its like a bbq and barn dance they have a band its about $20 for food all you can eat apps, salad and desert. Fransicos is great as well they have a little jazz quartet that plays thurs-sat. All the above post are quite accurate.