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Dec 2, 2013 01:35 PM

Vermont Cheeses: Stellar so far

Having started a love affair with Jasper Hill Creamery's Harbison and Twig Farm's raw goat's milk cheeses, I'm now hooked on working my way through all their product I can locate. I'm interested in other Vermont providers and know the state sponsors a cheese festival in July and about 40 producers participate. I believe Vermont may be producing the greatest number of artisanal cheeses. Would love to know what other local producers you have tried and liked.

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  1. Vermont Shepherd sheep's milk cheeses - Verano and Invierno. I prefer the Verano.

    1. In Woodstock VT at Billings Farm we went to a Vermont cheese expo and got to sample a ton of different local cheeses. My favorites were from Spring Brook Farm.

      They're both wonderful, but I prefer the raclette style cheese. (Reading)

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      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        Great cheese, the Reading Raclette is delicious

      2. ***Rupert, a raw cow cheese from Bardwell Farm. Fruity, nice aftertaste.
        ***Vermont Shepherd Sheep Milk Cheese, from Putney, Vt. Sweet and earthy.
        **+Coupole from Vermont Creamery. Aged, mold ripened goat. A medal winner in a small 6.5 oz package.
        ***Lille Coulommiers, from Vermont Farmstead, thicker than brie, bloomy rind, more complex as it ages.
        **Bayley Hazen Blue, from Jasper Hill. Crumbly, turns quickly so buy in small quantities.

        And of course Cabot's cheddars are among the better ones on grocery store shelves. The longer aged one in black wax is my favorite.(**)

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          Yes! Vermont Creamery's coupole is delicious, as is the Cremont.

        2. The Gore-Dawn-Zola at the Boucher farm in Highgate Center is exceptional. At least one cheese shop in Burlington sells it. The farm offers interesting tours with friendly owners and a nice sample selection.

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            wow, I'm looking forward to trying as many of these as I can find. I love the Bayley Hazen and the clothebound cabot is one of my favorite cheddars, but the other recommendations are all new to me so I know I'm in for an adventure. Thanks and keep them coming.