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Dec 2, 2013 01:15 PM

Sustainable/farm to table anniversary dinner destinations outside of Montreal


My wife and I moved to Montreal a few months back, we're both incurable foodies (she is mostly veg with the occasional bit of fish, myself I'll eat anything that's not obviously a freshly roasted insect). I was hoping for some recommendations for somewhere wonderful to head out of town for an anniversary dinner (don't mind going as far as upstate VT, NH or NY or over to Ontario for something truly worth it - these new ice tires need a workout anyway). Ideally a sustainable/farm to table sort of deal.

We were thinking of driving down to Michaels on the Hill in VT, that sort of menu is kind of what we're after, but it's not open on a Tuesday, which is the day in question. And I figure, there must be something truly special out there in Quebec that I just haven't found yet? Not snooty posh or old-school fancy, just honest and good. It can be in Montreal as well, just, y'know, a bit further than the Plateau, where we've eaten almost everything in sight.


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  1. What about À la table des jardins sauvages in St-Roch-de-l’Achigan? I haven't been but I've always been intrigued.

    They post their menu every week.


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      That's the people from the mushroom stand at Jean Talon? Brilliant! Their mad melange has been a key ingredient of our spectacular lazy risotto since we got here.

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        Yes I would also highly reccommend Les Jardins Sauvages. I've been there and Ms. Hinton is a spectacular chef and just about all the food comes from their farm.

        But they, too aren't open on a Tuesday.

        If you want alternatives, I'd also suggest the Au Pied de Cochon cabane a sucre. Also not open Tuesdays, and it might prove difficult to be "romantic."

        if you are bound and determined to eat on a Tuesday, in Quebec there's L'Affaire est Ketchup, Chez Boulay, Panache, La Planque, and Toast.

        In Chelsea: Les Fougeres

        In Chambly: Fourquet Fourchette

        In Mont Tremblant: La Quintessence

        And in Wendake: La Traite

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          Thanks EaterBob, I think that list will make for some great exploration over the next few months - some great looking stuff in there.

      2. Jardins Sauvages is a great option, but Vermont is packed full of farm-to-table options (perhaps more in the area of Montpellier and Burlington if that's in range). I'd check out the CH board for New England, as I can only recommend Hen of the Wood in Waterbury (also one in Burlington, apparently) and Bluebird Tavern. Although the latter doesn't really sell itself as farm-to-table, on my last visit they clearly listed the farms and producers from which all ingredients were sourced.


        1. I love Hovey Manor. It is in North Hatley near lac Massawippi. I would definitely go all out and rent a room, their breakfasts are amazing. It is a very beautiful and romantic hotel.