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Dec 2, 2013 12:33 PM

Asheville Sunday brunch question(s)

I searched the SE board and read reviews (and the on-line menus) for Tupelo Honey, Seven Sows, and Bull and Beggar. Although each sounds interesting, I'm having a hard time deciding. We'll be there the Sunday before Christmas; visiting the Biltmore house in the afternoon and would like a good brunch with adult beverage options before that. Which of the three do you recommend, or is there somewhere else (family here recommended something in Biltmore Village but don't know the name). Thanks!

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  1. Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village is excellant

    1. Consider the Deerpark Restaurant on the Biltmore Estate. The setting is lovely, the food very good and the price reasonable. You can start your visit after you dine. Be aware - NC archaic liquor laws prohibit alcohol being served before noon.

      Strongly suggest you make a reservation.

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      1. re: NANCY

        You think $32 is reasonable for Brunch
        You must have a money tree in your back yard

        1. re: mustardgirl

          They must have changed their prices because I went for Mother's Day Sunday brunch and it was only about $25 (which I do think is reasonable). Buffet brunches are very pricey. If you can find one under $30, you're doing well.

          1. re: mustardgirl

            No tree, but I do have this goose that lays the most amazing eggs ;)

            Last time I was at Deerpark was in May and it was $25 per person, but I agree with Scirocco ~ even at $32 it's a good value. Beautiful venue, decorated for the holidays and usually some type of musical entertainment. A very enjoyable brunch. Oh, did I mention the Bloody Mary Bar - that's fun too.

            For Niki, I think it all comes down to time. It's going to be tough to find brunch/breakfast that starts at noon (because they wanted grown up drinks), enjoy that meal and then get to the Biltmore House for a tour. It might be easier just to spend the day on the Estate and have a meal there.

            Note to Niki ~ if you do dine on the Estate, also consider the Library Lounge at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate. It will definitely be less expensive than the Deerpark and every lunch I've had there has been yummy. Also, the Inn will be beautifully decorated.

        2. Have not been to B&B due to mixed reviews. Love TH but they do not take reservations and are always very busy, so if you go, be prepared to wait. Love SS and of these three it would be my top choice.

          I'd also recommend Curate which is one of Asheville's most popular/acclaimed restaurants. They have a limited but excellent brunch menu (the Spanish tortilla omelet with chorizo and manchego is to die for) and you can also order off their regular dinner/tapas menu.The quality is just as great at lunch as it is in the evening. We just celebrated my birthday with brunch there. Fabulous.

          Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village is good although I find it to be a little stuffy and "plain." Outside of the location you probably have a restaurant like it in your hometown (if you have a nice American restaurant that is) so the other places mentioned would be more special IMO as they are more unique to Asheville. You can make a reservation there though and I would advise you do so if you choose to go there.

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          1. re: miss piggy

            Thanks, miss p! I was considering Curate for dinner on Saturday or for after the tour of the Biltmore estate but maybe we should do brunch there. What three places (2 for dinner, one for brunch) do you consider Asheville must-dos?

            1. re: Niki in Dayton

              The Biltmore Estate is not just touring the house (which will take several hours, more if you choose one of the 'behind the scenes' tours), there's the conservatory, winery and beautiful trails for walking. If you start your Sunday brunch at noon (necessary if you want adult libations), you'll be lucky to get to the house by 2 pm. It gets dark at about 5 pm - you're not leaving yourself enough time.

              Curate is one of the tops in Asheville, so don't miss it. Also consider Seven Sows, Posana, Bull & Beggar, Cucina 24.....
              Where ever you go - have a reservation, the town will be mobbed.

              1. re: NANCY

                I agree with Nancy about the time. I've never had the brunch buffet at the Deerpark Restaurant, but if I only had one day at the Biltmore Estate, I might tour the house and conservatory and the bass pond to the waterfall in the morning and then have brunch at the Deerpark and then go over to Antler Hill Village for the winery, the petting zoo, and the barn. I guess it depends on how much you like to walk and if you would eat enough to make a brunch buffet worth the cost. There are other places to eat on the Biltmore Estate, but I'm not sure how brunchy they are. The tour of the house might be slow going the Sunday before Christmas as it's usually jammed that time of year, so give yourself plenty of time. You might even need a reservation to get in the house itself; I'm not sure if you can do that ahead of time or if you have to wait until you get to the house.

              2. re: Niki in Dayton

                As far as my must-do's:

                You can't go wrong w/ Curate or Seven Sows for dinner and/or brunch. Both will have more energy in the evening...they are slower during the brunch hour. And again, Curate is a tapas restaurant with a limited brunch menu (the brunch-only dishes are larger than tapas) so if you're not open to tapas for lunch then I'd say go there for dinner. You will need a reservation.

                Lots of posts on Asheville but some of my other dinner faves are Zambra (tapas), Limones (upscale Cali-Mex), Rhubarb (local/regional), The Admiral (small and large plates) and Bouchon (French bistro). I'd take a look at those menus and see what speaks to you - they are all great!

                Come to think of it, I have not been to Fig in Biltmore Village in forever but it is excellent and would be another nice choice for dinner or brunch.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  Thanks again. We now have reservations at Fig for brunch at noon, and tickets to tour the house at 2:00. We will spend the day at the estate and appreciate all of the advice and recommendations. Chose Fig after looking at menus with my companions, as the brunch menu really appealed (fresh zeppoles with lemon curd; duck hash....mmmmm!)

                  1. re: Niki in Dayton

                    Do report back! Fig doesn't get a lot of mention on this board for some reason and while I admittedly haven't been there in a while, it has always been an excellent choice. Enjoy Asheville!

              3. Early Girl Eatery on Wall St downtown has excellent breakfast/brunch all week. They have a small, locally-focused beer and wine list as well. It's not in Biltmore Village, but you can get anywhere in Asheville in minutes. Also not far and delicious is Sunny Point Cafe on Haywood Road in West Asheville.

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                1. re: carnicero

                  Both of those suggestions are good as well, but prepared to wait at least 45 minutes to over an hour at each on Sundays. Just letting the OP know since they have plans at the Biltmore later on.

                2. Thanks, Asheville hounds, for all your recommendations and advice. We got to town on the rainy Saturday before Christmas, and unfortunately, DH wasn't feeling well. My friend and I ended up eating at Chai Pani. Loved the kale pakora and the rum punch was, umm, interesting. Most things had a touch too much cardamom for my taste. Loved the Namaste Y'All t-shirts on the staff, and our wait person was great; she recommended Farmburger for my sick hubby's request of "Just a plain hamburger" (in fairness, she did warn me it would be a $12 hamburger, but it was just what he wanted).

                  Brunch at Fig was excellent. The zeppoles were a great start, and DH loved his chicken and biscuit; I loved my egg salad and smoked salmon sandwich, and our friend loved her decadent mac-and-cheese. We shared a chocolate pot o crème and a bread pudding for dessert and the three of us enjoyed a nice rose wine with our meals. We enjoyed the Biltmore house after, although the rain limited the time we spent outside.

                  Sunday evening we ended up at Seven Sows after a detour to the Urban Orchard Cider Company for a bit of refreshment. Loved the charcuterie platter and really loved the $1 oyster special - tried two kinds and both were good (from VA, I believe).

                  Ended our visit (still in the rain, sigh) at Tupelo Honey on Monday morning. Our friend had shrimp and grits, I had the breakfast bowl, and DH had an omelet. It was good, but not the same caliber as Fig.

                  We'd love to come back and explore more of the town, hopefully in better weather next time.

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                  1. re: Niki in Dayton

                    thanks for the reviews! Was the $1 oyster special at Seven Sows or Urban Orchard?

                    We ALL hope 2014 will see less rain than 2013. It was a record setter.

                    1. re: danna

                      Oyster special every Sunday night at Seven Sows. Urban Orchard has a wonderful horseradish pimento cheese.
                      Asheville restaurant week is coming up September 21 through September 27, you need to check it out.

                      1. re: NANCY

                        I think you mean January 21 - 27. ;-)

                        I didn't care for the pimento cheese at UO as much as I thought I would. I think I was expecting more "oomph" in flavor and not so stiff consistency. Laura felt the same way. It wasn't bad at all, I just expected to like it more. Loved everything else we had though.

                        1. re: Scirocco

                          Where the heck did September come from? Yes I definitely meant January and I can't blame auto-correct! Thanks!

                          At Urabn I really liked the Firestarter ginger cider kombucha combo - they'll mix to your heat level, I choose 50/50.

                          1. re: NANCY

                            funny. I was thinking "Nancy sure does look forward to restaurant week!"

                            Speaking of mimento cheese, we had the grits w/ a scoop of pimento cheese at West End bakery last week. pretty tasty! They do good stuff there for lunch.

                            1. re: danna

                              Yes, I do look forward to it. I see that restaurant week in Greenville is just starting. Got the email from Restaurant 17 with their special menu and it looked pretty good. Will try to hit it sometime in the next couple of days.