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Dec 2, 2013 12:27 PM

California hound in Houston

Great trip. Had fun at reliant for pats texans game.

Three terrific meals

Ninfas steak fajitas and tres Leche cake. Wow. Needed a pillow after.

Goode BBQ another can't get this in LA place. Brisket sausage ribs. So good!

Reef. Fresh oysters and dynamite redfsh which I never had before. Points off for a server that was an unapologetic racist. I am still stunned.

We ate extremely well. Thanks for the hospitality.

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  1. Thanks for the report.

    Next time, contact us BEFORE you get here and we'll be happy to help. Ninfa's and Goode are both a bit "corporate" for us these days, but I'm glad you enjoyed them. I've had good meals at both, but I don't think either is as good(e) as they used to be.

    Tell us more about the racist waiter. I can't imagine...

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    1. re: DoobieWah

      I came for the football not the food it was a nice surprise. I will. You're just gonna have to take my word for it as to what was said. It was weird.

    2. In LA, hunt down BigMista BBQ. It beats Goode Co. by a country mile.

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      1. re: Lambowner

        good tip thx

        on this trip to houston basically went with the flow and left the driving so to speak to my friends...ill hit you guys up next time im in town...

        btw, i did like goode's especially that smoked red sausage stuff too so big mista sounds promising!

        1. re: Lambowner

          Isn't he the guy from Galveston who comes home once a year for a big charity feast? Every been to one of those Lambowner?

          jessejames - thnaks for the report. Yeah, most of us here would have tried to direct you away from Goode Co. but it's always interesting to hear that what we consider mediocre can really wow people from elsewhere who don't have something even that good.

          Hope you reported the unpleasantness to management at Reef. That's definitely not par for the course.

            1. re: brucesw

              I was thinking about it. Glad to hear unusual. We were shocked. Regarding Goode it was close to our hotel Zaza and a last minute lunch on way to airport. Been back a day and still not hungry! U guys have it good!

          1. Hey JJ what part of California are you in? We should get together and reminisce about Houston! Maybe we could do our own little chowdown here and make plans about a next trip!