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Dec 2, 2013 12:19 PM

Authentic Saimin around Kihei?

Brought my 83 year old dad to Maui for Thanksgiving vacation. He keeps talking about great Saimin he had years and years ago, and is looking to recreate the local taste. We're staying in Wailea and going to Kihei later today so if there is a quick suggestion is love to hear it! Thanks!! And I will do a trip report later...we've had some great meals!

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  1. I'm guessing this is for dinner tonight, not lunch, and Sam Sato's is too far away?

    A lot of the local grindz type places are only open for lunch and/or close too early for dinner. Especially if you are limited to Kihei & Wailea and not West Maui or Upcountry.

    Maybe Da Kitchen in Kihei?

    How long are you in Maui?

    1. Check out the menu for Star Noodle and see if it's worth the drive to Lahaina. They have a lot of saimin type dishes that are targeted to locals, i.e, salty broth.

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        When you go to a place that has really salty broth, most likely it's a sign they are using hon dashi rather that making their own the real old fashioned way. (My grandmother and mother ran a small saimin "stand" and made their own broth.)

      2. Sam Sato's in Wailuku is the place to go for us.