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Dec 2, 2013 11:02 AM

Handmade Candy Canes in Los Angeles?

Hey All.

The family and I did d a run to Disneyland last week and were unable to acquire one of the delicious handmade candy canes that they make there. And it got me to thinking, is there a place in Los Angeles that makes Candy Canes the old fashioned way? Someplace I don't have to be at 6am to wait in line with the marathon sprinters to get one?



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  1. Logan's Candies
    125 W B St
    Ontario, CA 91762

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    1. re: wienermobile

      I'd heard of Logan's was just hoping there was someplace in Los Angeles so it wasn't an hour drive.


      1. re: mrsantora

        Googled "home made candy canes in Los Angeles" and come up with this article on Logan's. Looks like a pretty cool place.

    2. Here are Disneyland's candy cane schedule for 2013:
      Please note that these dates are subject to change. Additional dates may be added.

      Candy Palace at Disneyland
      Friday, November 29 (8:00am park opening)
      Tuesday, December 3 (9:00am park opening) *Extra Magic Hour this day 8-9am
      Friday, December 6 (9:00am park opening)
      Tuesday, December 10 (9:00am park opening) *Extra Magic Hour this day 8-9am
      Friday, December 13 (9:00am park opening)
      Tuesday, December 17 (9:00am park opening)
      Friday, December 20 (hours not posted yet)
      Sunday, December 22 (hours not posted yet)
      Tuesday, December 24 (hours not posted yet)

      Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure
      Saturday, November 30 (8:00am park opening)
      Monday, December 2 (9:00am park opening) *Extra Magic Hour this day 8-9am
      Saturday, December 7 (8:00am park opening)
      Monday, December 9 (9:00am park opening) *Extra Magic Hour this day 8-9am
      Saturday, December 14 (8:00am park opening)
      Monday, December 16 (9:00am park opening)
      Saturday, December 21 (hours not posted yet)
      Monday, December 23 (hours not posted yet)
      Wednesday, December 25 (hours not posted yet)

      For more information or if you want to confirm weekly dates before you go, check Disneyland’s Candy Kitchen Hotline at 714.781.0112.

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      1. re: wienermobile

        Yeah, I'm aware of this but it doesn't answer my question.


          1. re: Servorg

            Now this looks like the kinda place I'm looking for. Thanks!