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Dec 2, 2013 10:44 AM

Charlotte NC Christmas dinner?

We need a restaurant for Christmas dinner. Any cuisine, all that matters is that it is GOOD!!! Food! We will have a car. We are a foodie family.
Traveling to Banner Elk NC. Landing in Charlotte. We will be staying overnight (anywhere) between Banner Elk and Charlotte.

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  1. Off the top of my head, the only Christmas Day dinner that I am aware of in Charlotte is at Gallery Restaurant in The Ballantyne Resort. Beautiful place during the holidays and the restaurant is reputable, although I have not dined there recently. Here is a link:

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Do you literally mean Christmay Day? If so, your options will be severely limited in Charlotte, and virtually nonexistent outside of Charlotte. Some of the larger, full service hotels and Waffle House are about all I can think of. You might want to periodically check the food section of the Charlotte Observer newspaper...they might publish a list of restaurants open on Christmas Day, if there are any.

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        Good advice. Keep an eye on Helen Schwab's blog. She is the Observer's restaurant reviewer and she keeps a running list of restaurants that will be open (at least the ones that contact her). Not sure if I can link to the blog but a quick search will find it.

      2. If it's Christmas Eve you have plenty of options. Christmas day is a different story, however. In addition to the recs already made, plenty of Chinese restaurants will be open. You will probably be able to get into other ethnic restaurants, primarily different types of Asian cuisine.

        One recommendation I have is Copper. It's upscale Indian and is located in an old house in an historic neighborhood in Charlotte. It's very close to downtown if that's where you'll be staying.

        1. The Embassy inn and Suite in Concord NC has a buffet on Christmas til 3 pm and prefix for dinner. It also has the advantage of being right down the road less than about a mile to the Lowe Mototr Speedway where they have a Christmas light show.

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            I didn't realize Concord was on the way from the Charlotte Airport to Banner Elk.

            1. re: carolinadawg

              The hotel is on the border line of Concord and Charlotte on Interstate 85. It may be a litte out of the way but not much.

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                  Yeesh. The OP is looking for suggestions and Tanglebriar provided one.

                  1. re: southernitalian

                    Yeesh back. Just trying to make sure the OP understands the geography involved, since they are obviously not from this area.

                    1. re: carolinadawg

                      Yea, with it being Christmas, the pickins are going to be slim. The OP may have to venture off her path to find the right place.

                      Maybe Helen Schwab will post a list of places open Christmas day on Friday. To the OP, here's a link to her blog:
             . Not sure why you and billyjack didn't just link to it since you both suggested it. Is there a CH issue with linking?

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                        I didn't provide a link because I can't access it. I'm not a subscriber to the Observer, and I have used up all my "free views".

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                          Aaah, I didn't realize we have limited views. I suppose I will now since I recently cancelled my subscription.

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                            I cancelled my subscription a few years ago. I have unlimited online views though. Strange.

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                              Here's what I get when I click on an article on the website:

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                              NOT YET A MEMBER?

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          2. Thanks so much for your help. We have decided to drive to Asheville and stay/play/eat there. Merry Christmas!