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Dec 2, 2013 10:36 AM

Unsophisticated favorites?

"Unsophisticated" is perhaps not the right word, but I'm hosting a friend later this month who loves good food, but not terribly complex and definitely not pretentious. Ethnic cuisine is fair game. Places I’m thinking she’ll like are Shake Shack, Ippudo, Katsu-Hama, Motorino, the Dutch, Shopsin’s. I might be underestimating my friend a bit; on the other hand, I’ve watched her order too much chicken at nice restaurants over the years :)

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  1. The Breslin, Spotted Pig; Totto Ramen

    1. Not that there is anything wrong with very well-executed chicken...

      Anyway, I would say: Momofuku Ssam Bar, Keste, Danji, ABC Cocina, Tertulia, Kin Shop, Charlie Bird, Osteria Morini, Malai Marke, Khe-Yo

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      1. re: zeeEats

        Not at all! I order chicken too. But not because it's the most innocuous sounding option.

        thanks for the suggestions!

      2. You should take her for the chicken sandwich at brunch at nomad!

        Yakitori totto (midtown west) or yakitori taisho (e village), both have a wide selection so your friend will have less ambitious choices and you can order some of the more adventurous options.

        Ukranian national home for pierogies and crepes:
        Murray's cheese bar (their newer cafe) has some great cheesey food

        1. Tapas at Tertulia, maybe?

          1. Porchetta, Num Peng, Caracas Arepa, Walker's ( burgers), Blue Ribbon Chicken, Georgia's, Yokocho, Meatball Shoppe, Sole di Capri, Misoya ( ramen), Rockmeisha.