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Dec 2, 2013 10:19 AM

MIddle Eastern downtown

I'm looking for a Middle Eastern restaurant downtown (near Village). I'm throwing a party in late December and want to have it catered. Any suggestions? I'd obviously love it to be great, but not outrageously expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Do you like Moustache? I love their food, and had an event catered by them years ago. They offered more options than on the Moustache menu, and were professional, prompt and great to work with.

    1. Byblos is on 28th and Madison. Is that far enough downtown? Absolutely excellent.
      Call them and ask about catering.
      Moustache is also terrific.
      If you don't need the party to be at the restaurant you might also call Mamoun in East and West village.

      1. E village or west village?
        Taim does catering, for a smaller group it wouldn't be outrageous:

        Nish nush does catering and delivery of it, their hummus is my favorite in the city, and their mint lemonade would be amazing spiked too....

        1. Check out Alfanoose - down on Fulton street.

          They are not fancy, but their food is absolutely delicious. Vastly underrated, in my opinion.

          1. Elizabeth Minchilli!!!!!!!!

            (Just excited to see you here ;))

            You got great suggestions here. Love Taim, Nish Nush (love the hummus as well tho I still prefer Gazala's which I had today again)
            Balaboosta (same owner as Taim) is another options