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Dec 2, 2013 09:48 AM

Cuisinart Griddler. .

This looks like a great multi-purpose gadget..especially, in the winter for grillin'.
Anyone have one and your thoughts?


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  1. I got one last Christmas and it works quite well for quick cooking of steaks, chicken breast and the like. Have also made pressed sandwiches with it. Have never used it for the griddle, pancakes and such, just don't really cook those.

    There are a few different models, the one you linked to looks like a newer and more powerful one than I have. Also the list price of $159 is much higher. I think the one I have was about $100.

    It's a very nice appliance if you tend to cook those types of things, but I find I don't use it that often. I will probably use it more in the winter months when we can't grill outside. But it is rather large, if storage space is an issue. It's easy to clean, the non-stick grill plates pop off and clean up easily.

    1. i have a cuisinart gadget like this, but it was marketed as a panini press. it has the grill grates on both top and bottom and can be fully opened (flat) for 2 full grill plates. it is also by cuisinart, though it is an older model. it is pretty solid and large - i'm sure it would work as a grill easily. it came with a nice recipe booklet as well. it held 2 large sandwiches at once for the press.

      we only used it for one thing (tuna melts), never found much use for it for 2 reasons: 1. took up a lot of counter space in our small kitchen. 2. the outside got HOT. very hot. only the handle was safe.

      it was packed away for several years, as it was deemed too dangerous around the little kids and we only used it for the one thing. it is now going to my oldest daughter's first apartment. she is without a cooktop, and is hoping to use it for the flat top feature - she misses scrambled eggs!

      i also have wanted an indoor grill, but have given up due to the lack of ventilation in our tiny kitchen.

      1. Thanks for both of your detailed post.
        I have a $10 off + 30% at Kohls, so makes it close to $100+.
        I have a huge kitchen with lots of counter space..depends how clunky it looks tho'.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Just remember that, like the George Foreman Grill products, whatever you are grilling (when using the unit as a press) needs to be uniform in thickness. This can be a challenge if you have more than one item to grill/press at the same time.

          Using the unit opened up to be a basic griddle or grill works fine. It's a decent gadget to own, as long as you have storage space for it. I only use mine a few times a year, so it is not something that lives on my counter.

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            I have a Wolf 6 burner with a griddle that I have never used since I have all my oils, sea salts, grinders and garlic cloves on a decorative board over the griddle that works out really well. .
            I have so much kitchen cabinet space that a lot of them are empty. .need to fill them up.
            Griddler looks very versatile and yes, I remember the George Foreman grill.. ; )

          2. re: Beach Chick

            Sounds like a good deal. I think they are nice looking, nicely designed appliances.

            The link you provided in the op lists the dimensions, you might want to measure that off in your kitchen to see where it will fit. It also lists the weight at over 15 lbs., so that is a much larger unit than the one I have. Also mine has a relatively short electrical cord, so you need to have access to an outlet.

            I have to move mine from the main counter when in use and then to a side counter for storage.

          3. It's a good machine, but I have come to realize that my ancient waffle iron with the reversible to flat griddle plates does the same job, sans the silly (to me) grill marks.

            1. Can't tell from the link, can you also make waffles with it? Is there a waffle accessory?

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              1. re: VealParmGuy

                The model I have has them available. They are a little bit pricey, about $40, on top of the price of the unit.

                This model is a bit smaller and does not have as much power as the Deluxe model the OP is looking at.


                1. re: VealParmGuy

                  Good question Veal guy. .
                  I saw the other day a video on using your waffle maker for other uses..omelettes, etc.
                  Gosh, a Belgian waffle with some Euro butter and VT syrup sounds pretty good right about now.