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Dec 2, 2013 09:15 AM

December 2 bar food@ MiLa

Probably going to hit MiLa bar for a late lunch/early happy hour today sometime after 3 pm. My first time there & my last CBD meal of this trip. Good company welcome.

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    1. re: karendor

      Timing is everything. We were at the bar Friday and Saturday evening but are now back to reality (+ about 10 pounds).

      Saturday we continued with dinner in the restaurant. I had an entree for the first time, Halibut thinly wrapped in phyllo. Wife had one new app, oyster salad and one old one, the lobster. Both outstanding.

      1. re: collardman

        lucky you! So they closed the MiLa bar today because it does not have a TV ...and the lobby bar does have TV for tonights Saints game. So I arrived and it's a bit of a bust... and sadly the waitresses (at the lobby bar) are not very friendly. enjoyin one cocktail and then I think I'm gonna find another place . I will have to give real MiLa a try next time! Timing IS everything. But i like Merchant across the street. Great soup

        1. re: collardman

          i'm having MiLa's champagne cocktail with a big hibiscus flower floating in the middle plus their boudin balls..and i am not unhappy. just expectation management!