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Dec 2, 2013 07:59 AM

New Di Noko's - Downtown

Has anyone been to the new location yet? I scheduled a meeting there this weekend so I'll get a report out soon. Does anyone know if they serve beer at the new location?

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  1. Their website says they have a full bar.

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    1. re: SmartCookie

      The website is surprisingly out of date, referring to when they open their new location, which should have opened several weeks ago. They still don't have their menu posted. Hopefully they are just too busy with all of their patrons, but websites are helpful for new businesses so hopefully they get that updated soon.

    2. And someone please report on delivery. I'm now in their delivery zone!

      1. I was there on or right around opening day of the new location. They were certainly still working out some of the kinks as the wait time was lengthy (I understand the 45 minute deep dish wait, but this was over 60). I'll add that while the wait was long, it was definitely worth it. I had never visited the old location, not sure why after trying it for the first time. True deep dish, proabably the best I've had outside of Chicago. Crispy crust, great sauce, lots of cheese.

        Full bar, yes, beer selection is limited but they have it. They also have a lunch special (not sure if it's only during the week or not), but they offer up slices at $5 or so.

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          I always thought they were more in the Giordano's Stuffed vein than true deep dish. And the sauce is really sweet. True deep dish in my opinion is Pizano's/burt's/uno-due/lou malnati's in lincolnwood. Crushed tomato consistency for the sauce with good bright acidity on top, not an insane amount of cheese and toppings underneath, and caramelized edges from the pan.

        2. Well we went on Saturday and I was impressed. I forgot to look around to see how big it was, as we were only in what I would call the bar area. It's got the old-wood look of a long time downtown bar.

          I noticed that you are no longer restricted to the 10" pies for their Chicago Style pizza. They now have 8", 10", 12" and 14" size pans. The hand tossed pizza goes up to 16" pies. Everything tasted great and I noticed that you can get other things such as salad, cheesy garlic bread, and buffalo wings.

          It's definitely a full bar and they appear to have about 10 different beers on tap. There are TVs mounted around so you can watch sports from any spot in the bar area, high tops, or sit down booths.

          I'm happy that I got another fix of their pizza. It had been too long.

          1. Ordered delivery last night. Was told it would take an hour and a half. And it did. [No problem.]

            Holy mackerel, the pizza weighed a ton! I have never had so much cheese on a piece of pizza in my life.

            Ordered the sausage pepperoni. What the nice guy taking the order recommended for a first-timer like me. I think the middle size. Easily four meals for me.

            Really good pizza. Cannot decide if it's great. Reheats beautifully in the oven.

            But it beats Green Mill deep dish (my only other deep dish delivery option) by a mile.

            Will look forward to trying the pizza at the restaurant. [Delivered pizza was lukewarm, but tough to deliver a pizza like this hot on a cold MN night.]

            Will definitely order delivery, again, when I need a Chicago fix. Bet I end up deciding this is great pizza!

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            1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

              Update. Reheated the last of this last night. Three days later. It was great. I am hard-pressed to name another local pizza that I can have delivered that reheats so well days later.

              Di Noko? You didn't have me at the first bite.

              But you had me at the last!

              1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                It's fantastic reheated, almost like how meatloaf is better reheated.

                The only drawback that I've found with DiNoko's is that it's not good cold, because of all the cheese. It's well worth the time of heating it up slowly in the conventional or toaster oven