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Dec 2, 2013 06:32 AM

New Dim Sum at Yonge & St. Clair?

I recently saw the signage go up at the formet site of Didier. It will be called Kwan and promises dim sum and other chinese cuisine. Anyone have any information on owners or opening dates?

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  1. noticed this the other day. Anyone have any news or info

    1. It has been open for a few days now, has anyone been?

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      1. How can this place open with no website, publicity or even a phone number. I tried to see if they were open on Christmas and they were dark. Then I saw people inside on Boxing Day but still no website or phone number. That Facebook page has no info either. Do they want to succeed?

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          I must be missing what you are seeing. Facebook page does have a phone # and reviews and pics. Not sure I would trust those comments, but they are there for what it's worth.

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            Maybe they are doing a soft opening until they figure everything out and do not want a lot of people knowing about it yet... People here always complain when a restaurant opens and is not prepared... so maybe they are taking this time to figure everything out...

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              People here always complain when a restaurant opens and is not prepared... so maybe they are taking this time to figure everything out...

              Wow! What a novel idea!

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                Chinese New Year is coming. They may want to get prepared fast

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                Went there this morning with my family to find it closed with no explanation. Business hours were clearly posted with opening time of 10am on Saturday morning. We went at 10:15am and the doors were locked. No sign of staff getting ready. We parked at the nearby Green P on Delisle for $6 and ended up trekking back to our car and driving off to Rol San in Chinatown. Needless to say - I'm pissed!

              3. kwan dim sum opened on the 20th. Web is but it only shows phone and map. I walked by at 5 pm yesterday and it was quite busy. I didn't eat but the food sure looked tasty. They were very friendly and i took a menu to look at. It looked a bit pricy but the decor sure aint Spadina. Hope it works as we need restaurant help in the area.

                1. If you live in or near midtown Kwan is a pretty good place to satisfy a dim sum craving without getting yourself to Spadina or Thornhill and points northeast.

                  The average price of $5/plate is tempered by the reduced travel and elegant and clean surroundings.

                  Very good Har Gau $5, generous Siu Mai $5, tiny Ham Zoi Gok $4, dry Cha Siu bao $3, quite good ribs $3, excellent and non-greasy stir fried sticky rice with pine nuts $8.

                  The almond based deserts were a hit too. Great flavour and mouth feel.

                  The bar and dining room are clean and nicely transformed to a light handed asian fusion of Rhodes and Didier.

                  Unless things go downhill I will be clicking my chopsticks here fairly frequently instead of making the drive to either the 'burbs or downtown.

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                    Awesome, thanks for the report. Will have to try!