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Dec 2, 2013 04:17 AM

My blintze souffle was a hit at the brunch Chanukah Party we attended

The recipe may be found here:

I did not make the raspberry sauce. I just thawed a bag of frozen raspberries and served. I also think you could buy raspberry syrup found next to the pancake syrups in the grocery store.
The bottom line is that the dish tastes like cheese blintzes without all the hassle of making blintzes. This is definately not a low-fat dish, though. Great reviews from kids and adults.

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  1. Kedem makes a great raspberry syrup, frequently found near the grape juice.

    1. This sounds good. I've bookmarked it.

      1. Did you make this ahead of time? Do you think it could be made a day before?
        I'll be having Saturday night company in a few weeks, but won't have time to make it after Shabbos.

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        1. re: helou

          Absolutely, I always make a blintze souffle ahead of time. It should reheat like a kugel.

          1. Jeffrey Nathan has a great blintz souffle that i've been making for years and topping with a simple cinnamon-sugar sprinkling with sour cream passed on the side - easy to make and really easy to reheat

            1. Now I'm thinking about trying a savory variation on this recipe, omitting the sugar & oj, of course, & maybe adding some sauteed onions & mushrooms.
              Think it would work?

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              1. re: almond tree

                Please let me know if it does. My family would totally love that