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2 year anniversary tonight, a little help plz

Looking for something not too far from home ( Hollywood ).
Doesn't have to be fancy. Not looking to impress, looking to enjoy a good meal. Maybe Italian or New American. Possibly French. $$$ or $$.
Any ideas? We're in our late twenties.

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  1. Littlefork is quite good though not much in the way of atmosphere. If you don't mind going further South, Hatfield's and Osteria Mozza are both great choices. There is also Cleo in the Redbury, which is supposed to be attractive, but I have no personal experience there.

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      +1 on Hatfield's. Romantic, reasonably priced, good/great food.

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        Hatfield's for sure.
        hatfieldsrestaurant dot com for details

      2. Dan Tana's

        Happy 2 year anniversary!

        1. Not too far from "home" is Alumette in Echo Park.

            1. Is Papilles still pretty good? Depending on the current thoughts, it would be my choice for this request.

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                This was my first thought.

                It's still outstanding.
                A great place for this occasion and area the OP wants.

                1. Thanks guys! We've been to Alumette, Papilles, Osteria Mozza and Son of a Gun. Looking for something new. I'll look up Hatfield, Cleo, Redbury. I've been to Littlefork when it used to be a Korean Barbeque place.

                    1. Cube.
                      Super cute, off the radar these days but the ingredients are always impeccable. Just avoid the "pizza".

                      Almost geriatric in its longevity, but I like the fact I can hear myself. Also like the fact the date can amuse him/herself by watching Ryan (Reynolds or Philipe) eat.

                      Both in the vein of (P)Mozza, I s'pose.

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                            If you're strict on the $$ to $$$, Hatfield's. I think Hatfield's ambiance is more romantic.

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                                How was it? What did you have? Payback time.

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                                  Yes, how was it? My 2.5 years is in 2 weeks.

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                                    Beautiful restaurant. We had an amazing time. Incredible service. The food was really good but I've had better. I wish we weren't the only ones dining there ( It was a Monday ). I personally prefer dining at busy restaurants but my gf loved the privacy. I had the lamb and another entree ( can't remember what it was). I also got desert ( ice cream ). My gf had their 3 or 4 course dinner ( can't remember what it was ). Her portions were much smaller but everything tasted great. In a typical New American fashion there were a lot of contrasting ingredients used and the presentation was excellent. She also had a glass of wine. The bill came out to about 235 including tips if anyone cares. Overall I recommend it.