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Dec 1, 2013 10:15 PM

Some interesting, notable and delicious Chinese food this weekend!! - Yang's, Potato Noodle House, Fisherman's Lobster Clubhouse and Oriental Gourmet.

This has been a crazy, crazy weekend!

Following a normal Saturday family dinner at Yang's. Events got out of hand, when 5 foodie friends got together today and things unexpectedly morphed from a simple planned dinner outing into 5 hours of continuous non-stop eating !!

At Yang's yesterday, I had a surprisingly delicious ' 6.5 lbs giant lobster, prepared 2 ways ' - Sauteed with Maggi sauce and Steamed egg custard with Tomale. Great value at $12.99 per pound!

Today, this was what I had between 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm:

- H K style Chicken Pie & Dark Chocolate cake at Cakeview Bakery.

- Curry Fish balls and Beef balls, 2nd level, Pacific Mall.

- Regular and Spicy Lamb Soup with 'Potato' noodles, Cold hand-cut noodles with peanut sauce, 2nd level, Pacific Mall

- Dinner #1 at Fisherman's Lobster Clubhouse.
Notable dishes include:
Double boiled Partridge, Pork and Frittilera Soup; Giant 6 pound lobster ' Gold Sand ' style ( Salted duck egg yolk coating ); Steamed live Green Bass, Sauteed pea shoots with King Mushrooms: complimentary black sesame soup dessert.

- Chocolate dessert and coffee at Cafe 1019, Midland/McNicoll

- Dinner #2 at Oriental Gourmet:
Notable dishes include:
Smoked 'Great grand father' free range chicken with shredded Jellied fish; Pan fried Xenontondon with premium top soya sauce: Chui Chow 'Double Yellow face' crispy noodles: Steamed Crystal buns

Whilst Yang's lobster was a huge success, the 'gimmicky Fisherman's version was a major ' expensive' flop! In the past, Fisherman's 'Gold Sand' style Dungeness crab had been absolutely delectable and a huge favorite amongst patrons. Anticipating this preparation will be equally successful on the larger lobster, our party unanimously voted for this cooking method despite the unexpectedly and horrendously expensive, $30 surcharge!! $30 for duck egg yolks! Wow!!
We would have gladly pay this premium if only the end result would provide us with a memorable 'wow-factor'! Unfortunately, the dish was a huge disappointment! The addition of excessive filler batter coating to the grind up duck egg yolk not only diluted the unique salty taste but also rendered the texture to a less than desirable 'chalky' form. Furthermore, due to the huge size of the chopped up lobster portions, the meat and batter was still uncooked in certain places! An experienced chef and less greedy management would have turned down our request for this unattainable method of preparation!! Guess the $30 surcharge was to much to pass!! Only commendable points were that the dish was surprisingly non-greasy and the lobster meat was fresh, chewy and sweet.

However, all is not lost since we had one of the most delicious Chinese soup served! The delicate taste and aroma of the soup, so full of umami essence was superb. The fish was also nicely executed! The flesh was perfectly cooked and the accompanying soya sauce nicely seasoned.

Apart from the stand-out soup from Fisherman, another true winner of the evening was undoubtedly the great tasting Free-range chicken of Oriental Gourmet. One of the best tasting, Chinese style chicken in the GTA IMO, this potential award winner has lovely smokey aroma, nice flavorful and chewy textured meat and delicious herbed sweet soya sauce marinade. Highly recommended! And at $25!! A true bargain!!

The other Oriental Gourmet dishes were also winners. The Xenentondon were nicely fried, yielding crispy exterior skin and moist juicy flesh. The crispy noodles were perfectly crunchy and addictively good when eaten with sugar and dark vinegar. Lastly, another unexpected surprise was the ultra-chewy Crystal buns. The ones filled with egg custard was particularly tasty. Full of delicate egg custardy taste and not overly sweet!

Way too full to go to bed, that is why I am posting at this late hour!!

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  1. Wow Charles, hopefully for your sake your belt had an extra notch (or three!) to fall back on after all that food!

    1. Charles: Your amazing appetite and capacity to consume is only matched by this impressive lineup of dishes.

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      1. re: T Long

        Charles must have used chopsticks. Whenever I use chopsticks I scarcely end up with enough food, let alone eat too much.

        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          I doubt Charles has any problem using chopsticks! That would not have slowed him down. I am not sure how he managed to eat all those dishes.

          1. re: foodyDudey

            Surprisingly, for those meals, I almost used my hands as much as I did using chopsticks! Used hands on fishballs, lobsters and Xenontondon.....etc. Fisherman Clubhouse actually provides you with a whole box of help-yourself 'surgical gloves'!!

            Thanks for all your concern! I'm more worried about my cholesterol level than my waist line, which had been a steady 35" for years!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Way to go Charles! My kinda guy! Gourmandesely speaking of course.

      2. I've never heard of Cafe 1019 before... what is the dessert like? Japanese inspired? Asian types only... or European influence? The chocolate looks quite lovely. Does it have pastry too?

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        1. re: Nevy

          Pretty new!
          A mix of 90% European influence desserts such as Crepes, Pana Cotta, Molten Lava Cake, Creme Brulee, Cheese cakes...etc vs 10% Orental. Chocolates are 70% cocoa using Lindt. Saw no pastries.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Interesting... so it's truly a cafe and not just a take out bakery type. I'll have to add that onto my dessert trail in GTA East to try out.

          2. re: Nevy

            Hmnn... warning on the coffee. It's less exciting than I want it to be for a cafe.

            Lovely looking chocolates, however! Very nicely executed.

            1. re: jlunar

              After drinking that cup of iced coffee at 7.30 pm plus all those Chinese tea in between, did not manage to sleep till 4.35 am!!!!!! Never again caffaine after noon!!

              1. re: jlunar

                In Scarborough it is exciting enough

              2. re: Nevy

                The dessert place is call 0109 Dessert and Chocolate. Coffee is definitely not their strength.

              3. The soup and the chicken were my two favourites for sure. Great overall meal at Oriental Gourmet. Would consider taking my family there (and that's saying something...!!)

                Though not un-tasty, I was sorely disappointed at the execution on the duck yolk lobster - raw lobster bits and gummy filler-mixed yolk is not what I expect for the $30 premium. Perhaps sticking with the crab is the best way to go.

                1. Good Time!

                  BTW, I went for a pint of beer afterwards as a nightcap..

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                  1. re: Shmobo

                    Should have joined you! Couldn't sleep anyways! Ha!