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What's best these days in Kansas City BBQ?

I went to school in Lawrence so I used to know KC bbq pretty well, but I get there too rarely these days. But I'm passing through around Christmas. Anyone have new suggestions? Here's where I've been:

• Arthur Bryant's a million times, pretty lackluster last time.

• LC's twice, excellent both times.

• Fiorello's Jack Stack in the train station. It was okay, too nice for my BBQ tastes.

• Danny Edwards in the old location, which was very good.

• Brobeck's, nice for a strip mall...

• Never cared that much for Gates.

So where should I go this time?

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  1. You need to check out OK Joe's and Munchin' Hogs at Cafe Weatherby in the airport Hilton.

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        I've never cared for Rosedale. But they've been there for a very long time, so someone must like them. OK Joe's is right up the hill and Woodyard isn't too far down Merriam Drive. Both are much better in my opinion.

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          thanks! it must be nice to have too many good bbq choices!

    1. Woodyard BBQ, Danny Edwards new location (lunch only), LC's.

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        Thought I'd posted about my lunch at Danny Edwards (2011), but I guess I didn't.

        Here's my Large combo sandwich, $6.99, with pulled pork and Ol'Smoky (burnt ends), plus a side of smoky baked beans, $1.95. I do remember that I asked 'em to go light on the sauce, so there's probably more if you don't.

      2. Oklahoma Joe's. I would go back to LC's for the burnt ends also.

        Bigray in Ok

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          My second lunch in 2011 the same day at Oklahoma Joe's. Brisket and pulled pork sandwich, naked,

        2. I like OK Joe's and McGonigle's, but I only eat brisket and chicken. (I also haven't been to LC's Bryant's, or Jack Stack in a long time, so can't honestly comment on them.) But, McGonigle's brisket is wonderful.

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            Thanks, all. It's tomorrow and I guess I need to finally hit Oklahoma Joe's.

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              A big huge yay for McGonigle's, as for OK Joe's I loved the ribs but cant say much for the brisket did not get a smoke taste out of it nor did I see a smoke ring that also goes for the chicken, plus the brisket on the combo plate was sliced super thin.Dont think I'll be back to OK joe's.But McGonigle's will always be on our list It's that good.

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                is McGonigle's a sit -down restaurant or just a meat market with take-out meals?

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                  McGonigle's is grocery story/meat market with take-out bbq

              1. I'm coming to Topeka from Seattle and plan to stop off at Arthur Bryant's and OK Joes.
                I'm all for respectin' Arthur B's, but he's long gone so is it worth it?

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                  I like it. Not too far from there is LC's and it's much better. Check out the burnt ends and their beans.

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                    Sampled ribs at three places.
                    Arthur Bryants on Sunday afternoon. The ribs had little meat on them, the burnt ends were not tasty. Too bad. But I paid my respects.

                    Oklahoma Joes. Excellent ribs. Meaty, moist without being fatty, tasty.

                    The Airport Hilton - Cafe Weatherby. Went for lunch before my flight back home. They had a 4 rib plate with slaw on the menu for $8. It was not so awful that I didn't eat it but the fat, oh my. I had to scrape a thick layer off before seeing any meat. Not much flavor at that point. Previous posts rave about Munchin Hog BBQ here but there was nothing in sight like that on the menu. (Did I miss something?)

                    So Oklahoma Joes is the clear winner on ribs.

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                      My post about Cafe Weatherby pointed out the problems with the ribs I had and recommended the brisket. And earlier report recommended the pulled pork. Also, my report linked to a photo of the page included in the menu about Munchin' Hogs --- that's changed?

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                        I didn't see any evidence not did the menu indicate anything about munchkin hogs. I asked the waitress specifically about BBQ and there was a pork sandwich or the ribs.

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                          Your experience made me look further into this. While Rob Magee is still listed on Hilton's website, I turned up info that he has left his long time post there and will open his own place, Q39, in April.

                          More here,

                  2. Where should I go for beef ribs?

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                      As discussed in this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/986555

                      Jack's Stack is not my favorite barbecue joint, but their beef ribs are very good. Not every 'cue joint in KC has 'em.

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                        Yup. Jack Stack is awesome. They offer several varieties of beef ribs: their "crown prime beef ribs", which are barbecued beef short ribs; hickory smoked prime rib; beef baby back ribs; and beef burnt ends.

                        I went to Jack Stack a couple of months ago and was very pleased. I had the "Jack's Best" platter, which included the crown prime beef ribs and the beef burnt ends. I posted a report on my delicious meal at Jack Stack, complete with photos, at www.chow.com/topics/920267#9030688 (Don't miss their wonderful colossal onion rings, too!)