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American Cut -- My new favorite steakhouse!

LOVED American Cut! This is my new favorite steakhouse. I arrived a half hour early, and the staff could not have been more welcoming to me. I was shown to a lovely booth, and the service from everyone was terrific. (Almost as if they were trained by Danny Meyer). Even a staff member who was not taking care of my table came by to welcome me since she remembered me from The NoMad.

The "everything" biscuit with cream cheese is delicious, but since I had already planned my dinner, I needed to save room.

My first course was the yummy potato latkes--a must dish.

My main course was the pastrami coated ribeye served a beautiful hot pink medium. Funny how I've always ordered my steak med-rare, but it turns out I really like medium. Terrific char and great flavor and tender too! Half of it will be a wonderful dinner for tomorrow.

My sides: the Pommes purée a la Robuchon may not have been as stellar as at Joel Robuchon, but they were delicious. I also ordered tonight's special of Brussels sprouts with rutabaga and bacon (and I think a soy glaze)--delicious too, and better than at The NoMad and Betony. Took home half of the potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Had to save room for the Cracker Jack Sundae and the espresso martini. Both were delicious! Will definitely order them again. Too bad I couldn't take them home too.

Considering I ordered enough food for two, the bill was very reasonable (for me). I was never rushed or ignored, but was treated as a welcomed guest. Definitely plan to return to American Cut!

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  1. I was just watching a television program about American Cut the other day. That's twice in one week the words American Cut have crossed my path...time to go!

    1. It sounds great—definitely goes on the list for when a red-meat eating relative visits later this month! Would you mind sharing the cost? They don't have prices on their menu online, so it's really hard to gauge.

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        The entire meal pre-tip was $130. I also had a glass of Gruner Vetliner. I think the sides were $10. The steak was somewhere between $40-44. The dessert martini was $15. I think the sundae was about $12.

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              Sides are $10 at Ruth's Chris (chain). We joke you can pay $9.00 for extra butter at the company Christmas party.

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                Yet another reason why I avoid steak houses. I just can't do it.

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                  $10 sides are rather typical for lots of NYC restaurants (excluding steakhouses).

          1. The everything biscuit and cream cheese butter might be my favorite bread item of 2013. I could have eaten 20 of them.

            1. Sounds good, and I will certainly check it out. The only thing that turns me off is a Joel Robouchon dish. I have hated all of his restaurants , both in US and in France ( inc. Monaco). So I won't order that side. But I look forward to trying this place located in what was Toon's Thai, Cinque, and one other restaurant owned by Dylan Prime's owner. At present Wolfgang is my go-to place in Tribeca. Let's see if that changes

              1. I genuflect before you.

                I only can dream of having an appetite like yours.

                You're my hero.

                1. Tried this new steakhouse last night. Results were...mixed.

                  We had the tuna crudo with apple, celery, and mustard. Five lovely pieces of fatty tuna, but inexplicably, two of the pieces were draped upon a bit of what seemed like cooked tuna salad (huh?), while three of the pieces were put on top of slaw. Raw tuna on top of cooked tuna salad? Weird combination, did not like the mouthfeel / textures mixing...

                  My husband's steak was the special steak of the night -- cap steak from their ribeyes. Dry aged and very marbled. This was delicious. There was a foie gras terrine mixed with butter to make "foie butter," which was delicious. This small cylinder of butter was placed on top of the steak. A nice char, cooked to the desired temperature. Not as aggressive of an "aged" taste than other places, which is more of a personal preference. I like this steak a lot.

                  My steak did not fare quite as well. A 20 oz bone-In ribeye, with "pastrami spices, smoke." Served with an insanely thick char, and a line of grainy mustard circling the plate. This steak was interesting for the first bite, tasty the second bite, and incredibly salty after that. There were additional spices and salt flakes sprinkled on top. I thought the pastrami spices/smoke/salt were too much after a while, and it became hard to eat. It definitely overwhelmed the high quality meat they use. I would not order this again. It was way too salty. And I love salt.

                  A side of brussels sprouts with pearl onions, smoked bacon and soy-honey glaze was fine. They cook their brussels a little more al dente than I prefer. Not bad, but not memorable.

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                    My sister and I have a reservation for American Cut this week (unless we reschedule due to the weather) since I had raved to her about the pastrami spiced rib eye. Hope we don't encounter the salt problem. Although your husband's cap of the ribeye sounds wonderful too--especially the foie butter! Did you have dessert?

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                      We were stuffed, had a cocktail or two... the Barrolo "Negroni" is very different. Aged in barolo seasoned french oak, interesting, not very Negroni-ish or bitter.

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                        did you go back last month, and if so did it live up to your first impressions?

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                          Unfortunately I had to cancel my reservation. Hoping to get back to American Cut soon.

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                            we've got an upcoming reservation - ill report back here once we've been.

                    2. J and I dined here with friends on Saturday evening. Overall, it was OK.

                      We prefer American Cut at the Revel in AC. It's quickly become our AC fav. We've dined there on multiple occasions and it's always been great.

                      We were looking forward to dining here and our evening started with a round of well mixed cocktails at the bar. The highlight was the barolo barrel aged negroni, a new favorite.

                      Some comparisons for our dinner that followed:

                      In AC, the vibe is literally amped up with a great soundtrack that sets the tone for the evening. Here in NYC, it's a muted backdrop.

                      In AC, the menu features a few fav's not found on the NYC menu including a unique preparation for the hiramasa app and Marc's signature Halibut - for those not looking for a steak.

                      Steaks offered at both locations are very similar with the primary difference being the NYC cut bone-in ribeye with pastrami spices served here. It's unique. However, the pastrami spices quickly overwhelm the dry aged steak flavor.

                      I ended up longing for the tomahawk ribeye chop we've enjoyed on prior AC visits, also available here.

                      The biggest difference is the wine list. AC's is deep in many categories with a great selection of red varietals and a few gems. NYC's is surprisingly much smaller, uninspired with not much value.

                      Service at both locations was excellent. Very efficient, engaging and attentive.