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Dec 1, 2013 04:47 PM

Casual restaurant North or East of Baltimore, open on Monday.

Hi folks,

I have a cousin driving down from Pennsylvania for the day and we are going to meet up near Baltimore for dinner, (We're coming from Southern Maryland). I would like to take them someplace that gives them a taste of the local flavor. I was all set to send them the link to Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn when I realized that they are closed on Mondays. I'm looking for someplace casual and comfortable and I'm trying to stay out of the city to avoid heavy traffic. Seafood would be great, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. Thanks!

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  1. Having done a little more research, I'm thinking about The Seasoned Mariner. Has anyone tried this place?

    1. The Oregon Grille is open for Monday lunch. A vry good lunch menu, incl local seafood

      1. Truly, downtown traffic is not that bad. What about the Wine Market on Fort Avenue, near 95? (I personally detest the Oregon Grille, but it's a free country.)

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          Why do ou detest the Oregon Grille. I find good service, nice atmosphere, and fine, but not excitinf, food

        2. Well, I made reservations at The Seasoned Mariner, then had to cancel them when my cousin got delayed at another stop and couldn't make dinner. Thank you both for your replies though. I will keep them in mind when I am next in the Baltimore area. Oh, and the "no traffic" request was for my husband. He already had to drive his regular commute that day so he wanted to avoid the city. Since he was driving an hour and a half on a week night to hang out with my family, I thought I would be obliging.