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Dec 1, 2013 04:25 PM

Where Can I Find Pho Bowls?

I'm just looking to buy a couple of ceramic pho bowls (not melamine). Every now and then we get pho for takeout and I have to resort to using one of my big glass Pyrex bowls as a makeshift pho bowl.

Do the Asian supermarkets carry them or can someone point me to a place in Chinatown?


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  1. Yes. Just look for big bowls. My ceramic bowl, which I use for Pho, can comfortable take up to 6 cups and filled to the rim at 8 cups.

    Either of the kitchen stores in Chinatown carries these larger bowls:

    General Restaurant Equipment Supply


    Wayne Kee Hardware and Kitchen Supply Inc.

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      And if you want just simple large white bowls, Target of all places has them I expensively priced too.

    2. Ikea also has large ceramic bowls that work nicely for pho.

      1. Go to any of the Asian supermarkets on Washington Ave. They have a whole aisle of bowls. I picked up some nicely decorated ones, and some spoons, for a couple bucks each.