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Dec 1, 2013 01:47 PM

Foodtography 2: Dishes you MADE versus dishes you ORDERED

While I have only photographed my food at a restaurant on a couple of occasions (once to document/remember a day in the French Quarter, the other time to make a joke about the garnish(Thyme is on my side)), I have many times photographed and Facebooked dishes that I have made. So here is the question, how many of you have either photoged your restaurant meal or a dish you have cooked/baked at home and those who vehemently oppose restaurant pics do you also oppose home food photography?

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  1. Would it be alright to add something? If you're reading about a restaurant, say here on CH, does a picture help you decide if you want to go there and/or order a particular dish? It does for me and that's why when I write up a place I'll generally include a photo or two. I've never seen someone be at all obtrusive about taking photos. A quick snap is all. If they were standing up, walking around the table, arranging the food, etc. I'd probably find it amusing not annoying. Unless they were bumping into my table :) As someone said on another thread, I do think some people need to "get a life." :)

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      Photos are often the driving factor for me. Even with sites like Yelp I just go to the photos. Also, sometimes I'll Google a restaurant or a dish and do an image search and click on images that look most appealing to find recipes instead of the usual way of just text search.

    2. I have, and I do. I'm a very visual person, and I like to overshare every minute detail of my life -- *especially* all the many, many tasty things I ingest.

      All joking aside, I usually chuck the photos off my camera once I posted them somewhere.

      As for co's question -- it's not necessary for me to actually *see* a dish at a particular restaurant; if the written menu arouses my interest enough I'll check it out without any visual clues.

      But I love looking at pictures of food.... (no duh).

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        My photos are on "the cloud" and I love looking at them. I still remember what we had a Babbo five or six years ago but I wish I had pix. Some memorable food in Barcelona a year ago is reason enough for me to have food fotos.

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          Well, I do keep the prettier (rare) and 'special memory/meal' (even rarer) ones, particularly when we travel .... but the 4th rendition of my smoked pork butt (delish as it may be)? Nah.

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            Yeah. I'm sure the day will come that I don't snap every damn thing we smoke. But we ain't there yet :)

      2. I take a quick picture of everything I make at home mostly to remember what I've made. I often consult the pictures to remember old ideas or stimulate new ideas. It's also helpful for holiday meals to know when dinner and dessert was served, etc for planning purposes since the images are time stamped. I don't eat out much but I've never brought out the camera in public.

        1. I will occasionally take a discreet non flash pic of an especially memorable or pretty dish eating out. I also take pictures of my own meals i make. Most helpful is i take photos of wine i like at a restaurant- cuz if its a good night i sure as hell won't remember it! ;)
          I also take hundreds of photos a week for my job, its almost second nature, a way of taking visual notes for myself. There are 1,342 on my iphone right now.....
          Photos with reviews on CH or elsewhere are much more helpful than those without.