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Dec 1, 2013 11:46 AM

Another pre-theater dinner thread...

I searched the old threads, but many of the suggestions are closed, booked or too expensive, so new thread seems more efficient. =)

2 people going to an 8 o'clock show at the Cort (48th St) this Saturday night, and we completely forgot to make reservations. We were thinking of db moderne off suggestions here, but they're booked, as are quite a few others. Would like to keep the budget around $40/pp not including drinks. Any ideas?

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  1. I should mention - we tried Esca and Marseille as well (so you know the food we like) and thus far we did manage to get a 5 pm at the Modern Bar Room, but it seems SO early to eat... But keeping that in mind, opinions also on whether a 5 pm at MBR is worth a 6 pm elsewhere. =)

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      If you eat early, you can wander over & elbow the crowds to look at the tree in Rock Cntr - and do a little window-wishing. The tree will be lit this Wed. nite, I think. If the weather is nice, it could be a fun interlude before theater.

      1. re: thursday

        Jut walk into the Modern Bar Room at 6 pm and sit at the bar where you can order from the full menu. There shouldn't be any wait.

      2. How about Molyvos, just a bit north of your theater? They have a pre-theater prix fixe for $38:

        1. Switch it up and get some spicy Isaan food at Larb Ubol

            1. If you are okay with the price point of TMBR how about Aureole?