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Dec 1, 2013 11:19 AM

What is your favorite pot/pan/skillet?

What is your favorite pot, pan or skillet?

Mine is my dutch oven. But it's been two years since I used it. I'm just getting into cooking now, so take that comment with a grain of salt. But for me there's a big difference between most used and favorite.

Let's not include other kitchen tools in this discussion.

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  1. A Wegmans braising pan and a cheap-ass wok I got at the local Asian grocer.

    1. My medium sized cast iron pan. I use it daily and it is my favorite.

      The other less used favorite is pumpkin shaped Le Crueset. I gets dragged out in the fall and I use it right the holidays. Its gets used for soups, sweet potato casseroles, bakes squashes, serving mashed potatoes, etc, etc. I miss it when its gets packed away but it looks funny on a spring and summer table.

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      1. Cook THIS in your DO and you'll never go so long again :)

        Will Owen's Pork Shoulder has become world famous :)

        1. My Griswold cast iron skillets and waffle iron.
          My Le Creuset 7 qt french oven and gratin pans.
          My Emile Henry tagine.

          1. Probably my 9" cast Iron skillet that my great aunt used for decades before my mom got it who gave it to me, eventually..